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01 Sep. 2013

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One day, you’ll stumble across one of your photos being used without your permission. Google Image Search has made it easier than ever to search for and download photos without a license. A simple search serves up millions of photos, and all the end-user has to do is download the images they like.
Suddenly, their blog post has a featured image or their advertisement has a nice background photo that didn’t cost a thing. You can combat unauthorized use of your photography to an extent by proactively monitoring the use of your images. Google Images also offers their own reverse image search with their own algorithm, which provides a different set of results from TinEye. For example, I found an album cover mockup for an English singer on DeviantArt using my photo as a background image.

The artist responded immediately, apologized for the mistake—promptly removed the photo—and even complimented my work.
Copyright violations are bound to happen, but with these tips you can help minimize the damage and keep your photo copyrights in check. 6 Simple Ways to Get More Fans and Likes on Your Facebook Photography PageThese proven techniques will help you get more fans and likes on your Facebook page. How To Start a Powerful Facebook Page for Your Photography BusinessWith more than a billion monthly active users, a Facebook page is one of the best ways to share your work and promote to potential clients online. No, I looked up their media manager, called him up and explained the situation and offered the choice of taking it down or licensing it. The first time it happens, it may feel almost complementary: Wow, my photos are good enough to get stolen. Upload your photo or link to the image URL, and their algorithm will find any similar images that have been uploaded online.

As a contributing photographer with Stocksy and Getty Images, her commercial and editorial work has been published in news and media outlets around the world. I just found a ton of blogs using my photos and a music record studio(that I can’t accept). But all of this online exposure has a downside unique to photographers… stolen photos.

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