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18 Feb. 2013

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There are many situations in which you might need to look up a cell phone provider for a mobile phone number. Download a free reverse phone lookup widget[1] by typing in the number in the preliminary search box and hit the Search button.
After you click search you will be able to see the issuing geographic location of the phone number as well as its cell phone provider. You can use various directories to find cell phone numbers but most of them are paid directories. How the Amazon Fire Phone WorksAmazon's jumped into the smartphone market with a device that's loaded with bells and whistles. How Cell-phone Viruses WorkAlthough they can't do much damage at present, in the future cell-phone viruses may be as debilitating as computer viruses. There are many situations in which you might need to reverse phone lookup provider for a mobile phone number.

By using the method above you can find some basic information about a cell phone number for free. First, download a free reverse PhoneLookup widget by typing in the number in the preliminary search box and hit the Search button. In fact, the whole concept of reverse phone number lookup changes when phones go mobile.Cell phone numbers are issued by individual mobile phone companies rather than by an interlocking system of regional phone companies, as landline numbers are. That makes phone numbers and user information harder to access and turn into a searchable online database.
Many people use this kind of method because they have proven that it is easy to conduct reverse phone lookup for cell phone provider with a free widget. At the same time, many cell phone users treasure their privacy and don't want just anyone to be able to reach them on their cell phones.While some cell phone users just want to be left alone, others -- particularly those who've abandoned landline phones -- would like to find friends and contacts through reverse phone number lookup or an online directory. That's also true of other cell phone users who simply want to know who's calling when they see an unfamiliar number on their phone.Fortunately, reverse cell phone number lookup is easy, although not free.

To get the phone user's name and address, you'll be asked to pay a one-time fee, often about $15, or a yearly fee of $40 or more to cover unlimited reverse phone searches. Reputable sites will not charge for searches that yield no information.The largest provider for reverse cell phone number lookup is Intelius Inc. In early 2008, Intelius announced it had created an online directory of 90 million mobile phone numbers, approximately half of those in the United States.
However, faced with cell phone users' privacy complaints and a potential lawsuit by a wireless phone company, Intelius quickly discontinued the service.

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