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25 Jun. 2012

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If you find some phone calls taking away your peace of mind then you really have to do something for that. Most of the spam callers behave friendly with you and they show like they are friends with you. Using the hi-tech items in your daily life can really help you in getting away from the irritation and anguish that would otherwise bother you when you get the unwanted calls from spammers. Even if you have registered you phone number in the Do Not Call Registry, SHOULDIANSWER increases the effectiveness of your protection against unsolicited telephone calls. Just after registration in the Do Not Call Registry, certain percentage of consumers have noticed an increase in telemarketing calls, even telephone numbers that had never received any unsolicited calls.
The Do Not Call Registry is only effective against legal firms that have a legal footprint where they can be prosecuted. SHOULDIANSWER not only captures unwanted telemarkeitng calls, but also phone calls coming from fraudsters. The Do Not Call Registry requires telemarketers downloading the updated list of phone numbers that do not wish to be contacted at least once every 31 days.
With SHOULDIANSWER, you do not receive any nuisance calls since the moment you download the application at Google Play.
Politicians are immune from the Do Not Call Act, meaning that voters may be bothered by them with unsolicited phone calls, even those coming from prerecorded machines. Non-profit organizations and organizations that are tax-exempt can call to anybody who enrolled his phone number at the Do Not Call Registry list.
Although the consumer’s phone number is registered in the Do Not Call Registry, the consumer can be contacted for up to 18 months by companies for which he made a payment. Cross-border cooperation is necessary to resolve jurisdictional issues so that the violators from foreign centers and scammers using caller ID spoofing for displaying fake phone numbers can be punished. Unlike the law enforced Do Not Call Registry, SHOULDIANSWER is not geographically limited and has been translated into dozens of languages.
Anyone who would pretend to be a telemarketer could download phone numbers from the Do Not Call Registry in a plain text.
In 10 years of Do Not Call Registry existence, proceedings have been initiated against the offenders in 101 cases. If the phone number is disconnected, it is automatically removed from the Do Not Call Registry. Some phone calls can be beneficial to their recipients, although they have the same characteristics as unsolicited phone calls. Discover Who Keeps Calling with a People Search by PhoneA reverse phone number search, or people search by phone, allows you to determine the origin of the unknown calls you may be receiving. If you've received a phone call from a number you don't recognize, simply turn to Radaris to conduct a reverse phone lookup.
Reasons for Utilizing a Reverse Phone Number SearchPhone numbers come in many different forms such as those attached to home phones, business phones and cell phones.

There is a need to perform Reverse look up for cell phone numbers sometimes, this can be because of the prank calls, blank telephone calls, repetitive unknown phone calls from strangers. There are a many free reverse phone lookup websites which will give you instant result and information of the specified phone number. Some of the Reverse lookup services also displays the Mobile service provider (You can also find out this yourself by looking into the first 4 digit of the cell phone number) which can be used to retrieve the information.
In the times when everyone is busy picking up unwanted calls would be something no one would like to do.
If you find that there are unwanted phone calls either on your cell phone or on your land line number then you should find out as to which phone call blockers are good.
Based on a VoxPop study, about 80% of all registered noticed reduction in calls, while about 13% this effect was completely reversed. The more active users informing about any new phone number, which is the source of unsolicited calls, the greater the likelihood that not many SHOULDIANSWER users will receive any unwanted phone calls. The Caller ID does not mean much because scammers can type in any other phone number, for any or every phone call.
Between the time of the registration of a new phone number and the download, the registered phone number can still receive telemarketing calls.
There is no time delay and the service is free of charge same as with the Do Not Call Registry.
In addition, a company can conduct an unsolicited call for up to 3 months after a consumer makes an inquiry or submits an application to the company.
The service does not block unsolicited calls between businesses B2B (business-to-business), even though there were many SMBs (small and medium businesses) applications for registration. The application can be downloaded to mobile phones used by private persons as well as mobile phones used by businesses. Such a set of phone numbers, easy to use without any legal recourse for telemarketing overseas, is available in a few tens of dollars. Phone number rating form does not require verification; entering email address is optional, nickname use is sufficient. Reconnected phone number needs to be re-registered, which means that the telemarketers have 30 days to re-enter the number in their call list. Those who registered for example cannot choose to receive telemarketing calls in some specific time, such as outside working hours.
One that informs about the rating of the incoming call and displays other users reviews to the call recipient so that he can decide whether to answer the call.
If you do not want to pick up telemarketing calls from companies that have your consent to call, so you simply do not.
Fraudsters can get to you not only by phone but also by other means of communication, such as e-mail or post.
SHOULDIANSWER does not block receiving phone calls that have been negatively rated by others.

Some reverse lookup sites supports international phone numbers, I have listed few of them in this article. For example, you can make a call to the service provider and speak about the annoying act from the caller. Thus if you feel that you want to avoid calls from telemarketing companies, spammers etc then you should take help of reverse phone number directory.
In the previous post we showed a list of National Do Not Call Registry advantages in comparison with Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup service offered by SHOULDIANSWER. That may be why many users experienced a growth in the number of unsolicited telemarketing calls just after they registered their phone number. In both cases, if the consumer expressly asks the company not to call, so the company cannot do so.
In order the Do Not Call Registry works properly, in most cases users cannot get products offered at no charge. SHOULDIANSWER lets you decide whether to answer unknown phone calls already before pressing the answer button. Each user can sort out those calls that are likely beneficial to him, without respecting the average given by the community.
Whatever maybe the issue but reverse phone lookup services are kind of requirement for most of the people and gets the job done quicker. If your opinions are unarguably on point  then they will provide you the information and other details of the owner of that phone number. SHOULDIANSWER can also block political calls, surveys and calls from non-profit organizations. SHOULDIANSWER displays a history of all incoming nuisance calls; there are also many other settings available.
When signing up for free goods or services, providers often ask a permission to receive telemarketing calls. For example, if you are quite irritated and angry with the calls that you get either from the spammers or telemarketing companies then you can just try putting them in National Do Not Call List. If in spite of that you get the calls then you should get the call blocker installed in your land line phone.
By chance, if you come across such calls then you should never talk to them and just put down the phone.
In order to prevent the future calls from such numbers you can take help of the phone call blocker or such apps.

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