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04 Mar. 2013

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I have been asked this question a number of times, and being a founding member of Chart Busters, of course I know the answer. The fix is simple: check the two boxes for Categories in reverse order and Value (Y) axis crosses at maximum category. The whole problem arises because Excel follows the same axis ordering scheme for bar chart category axes as for any other axis in any other chart. Also, dot plots would now be a natural Excel chart type, instead of something that has to be kludged using a scatter plot.

If you have two series and have one use the secondary axis the reverse order does not have an effect.
I’ve answered the question a number of times, but if I answer it here, it will become available for the ages. Select the axis, press Ctrl+1 (numeral one), the universal shortcut in Excel for Format This Object, and in Excel 2003 the following dialog appears. After reversing the order of the categories, the maximum category is at the bottom of the axis.

I have always known about the “Categories in reverse order” but the other tick option is great!
I have the axis at the top (which I like) and I reversed my order for the left access (Jan through Oct with Jan at the top), but when I added the data table at the bottom, the months are backward.

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