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20 Apr. 2012

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Recently I faced a Network issue while working on Windows server 2012 operating system.The error message was followed. An Attempt to Resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed. I get this message when I was adding a PC to a newly created Windows server 2012 domain controller. When we are trying to add a client in the domain, we always specify the domain name, domain controller resolves name in to IP and vice versa. In order to work a Domain Server properly we should configure reverse lookup zone, forward lookup zone automatically created at the time of DNS server installation.
On windows 7 PC, An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed.

This article discusses how to configure delegated subnetted reverse lookup zones for a Microsoft Windows DNS server. Linking addresses to names is just the beginning, because DNS has many more features in addition to host-name-to-address mapping. For hosting Active Directory, we have to properly configure DNS with a zone for the Active Directory namespace. In my next article I will explain How to create DNS Reverse look up zone in Windows 2012 Server. In Subcomponents of Networking Services, select the Domain Name System (DNS) check box, click OK, and then click Next. You should create both zone types for a proper DNS implementation for your Active Directory namespace — that is, a "forward lookup zone" and a "reverse lookup zone".

You should now configure the forward and reverse lookup zones for dynamic updating so that you do not get stuck creating all the records required for Active Directory yourself. And also Active Directory Installation wizard does not install a reverse lookup zone unlike manual installation.

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