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21 Aug. 2014

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A Reverse Image Search Saves the DayWhat confirmed my suspicion was running a reverse image search in Google.
How to Do Reverse Image Searches on GoogleBy clicking the small camera icon to the right of the search box in Google Images (just go to Google Search and click on Images up top to get there), Google gives you the option to upload the picture from your desktop or paste in a URL. Doing Reverse Image Searched Directly from CraigslistIf you're using Google Chrome, you can simply right-click on (almost) any image and select "Search Google for this image." Your results will appear in a separate tab or window (depending on your setup).

Ha, when I first saw that blue house I thought "Hmm, that house looks like it belongs in Seattle!". And this reverse image search also works well for other things, like hunting down (and eradicating) embarrassing photos of you online.

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