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15 Sep. 2012

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Caller ID allows a telephone user the option to ignore a phone call from an unwanted person. Caller identification, caller ID or CID, is a now routine technology that allows someone receiving a telephone call to see the name and telephone number of the individual or business attempting to make contact with him or her. A long-term method to reverse caller ID is to contact the telephone company or cell phone carrier associated with the number. Some brands of mobile phones, particularly smartphones, allow their users to reverse caller ID in their system settings menu. Regardless of whether a mobile phone or a landline telephone number is involved, a caller can reverse caller ID on a per call basis. I agree that reversing call ID is often used for all the wrong reasons and I never answer the telephone when the caller's ID is blocked. Caller ID spoofing is a service that allows a caller to masquerade as someone else by falsifying the number that appears on the recipient’s caller ID display.
The individual being called then has the option of accepting the telephone call at that moment, returning the telephone call at another time or simply ignoring the attempted contact and any message left.

Depending upon the company, obtaining an anonymous "Unknown Caller" identity may incur an additional monthly cost.
Just as e-mail spoofing can make it appear that a message came from any e-mail address the sender chooses, caller ID spoofing can make a call appear to come from any phone number the caller wishes. If the Caller ID reads “MICROSOFT SUPPORT – 1-800-555-1212” or something similar, then most people would tend to believe that the person on the other end of the line is really from Microsoft. Now that you know that this information is easily spoofed by the use of 3rd party Caller ID spoofing services and other tools, you won’t be as trusting in the technology as you have been. This method will remain in effect for all outgoing telephone calls until the service is discontinued by contacting the company; however, some companies allow a caller to temporarily show the full caller ID information on a call-by-call basis by dialing a code prior to each telephone number. There is no cost associated with this service and the code must be reentered prior to each outgoing telephone call to continue the caller's anonymity. Many toll-free telephone numbers will also continue to show the name and telephone number of the caller despite any call blocks in place. Use Google to reverse look up their phone number and see if it is associated with a known scam.

The US's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warns of con artists who manipulate the technology to reflect erroneous names and telephone numbers in a process known as spoofing.
I think businesses are avoiding this now because so many people have their phones set up to block any unidentified calls.
The service then patches the call through between the caller and recipient phones as stipulated.
In addition, this technology is not a permanent installation and a user can reverse caller ID by codes, telephone settings or contacting his telephone company or cell phone carrier. Some other services involve having the caller dial a number to access the service and then dial the phone numbers.

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