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22 Aug. 2015

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If you know where a place is but you don’t know the exact address of it, this new Google Maps mashup will help you. So let’s say you passed by an awesome place today and you know the street but not the building number, you can find that street in Google Maps, click on the building, and then find the mailing address so you can write them about your fantastic experience there. Geocoding is the assignment of geographic coordinates to a location, typically one identified by name or address. The Geonames Reverse Address Geocoder mashes Google Maps and TIGER address data to create an interface for reverse geocoding a geographic point into the nearest address and street intersection.

It also displays a list of street segments closest to that point in the pane below the map image, along with the range of addresses associated with that segment.
It basically allows you to point at any location in Google Maps to reverse look-up the address of a building.
I’ve covered address geocoding in an earlier post, in connection with converting US addresses to points in a KML file for use in Google Earth. But if the address you geocode using this box is off the displayed map, you won’t see it.

White Pages can search for a person’s address in their large directory assistance database to see who is listed.
Reverse geocoding for both intersections and addresses is available as a web service; scroll down to the bottom of the page for info on how to do that.

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