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11 Oct. 2014

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Google Maps will also give a listing of residential addresses with the zip code, if you only have the street and city. Check large residential address lists through the National Change of Address (NCOA) system. You can be charged either by the project or according to the number of addresses they plan to check. Simplify your checkout process by having your customer validate or lookup their address during checkout.
If your store has tried to ship to an invalid address, you know it has cost you both the time and money to resend the order to the customer. US Address Validation uses SmartyStreets, which is a USPS-certified address data provider and is totally free for up to 250 address lookups per month.
A common misunderstanding about what CDYNE Postal Address Verification service does has to do with the difference between verification and correction.
When an attempt is made to match an input to the database, if a match cannot be found, or it is unclear which address the input should match, the input fails verification. Delivery point number, which is only added after an address has been fully verified, signifies a particular location that receives mail. Address verification is the process of taking the input address, finding the best match in the USPS database, and returning the address found in the database. All address verification starts with the City, State, and Zip Code data; commonly referred to as the last line. Click here for more information about PAV, or get a free trial key to test the API for free. Companies can save money on lost production and postage fees simply by running their addresses through a CASS certified program like CDYNE PAV, which verifies the deliverability of addresses.
A valuable benefit of using PAV is to check whether or not an address is deliverable in order to receive barcode discounts. An API, or Application Programming Interface, acts as the interface between business web applications, programs, or databases and the CDYNE Postal Address Verification process.
CDYNE Postal Address Verification API is CASS Certified™ for the most recent Cycle N by the USPS®, which means our software passed the stringent evaluation and testing process the USPS requires for correction accuracy in the areas listed below. DPV is a USPS address validation process that confirms the existence of a specific address (down to the apartment or suite number) and whether or not it is a valid destination for a mailing or package. With CDYNE Postal Address Verification API, DPV is indicated by the return code.
The example below also shows other features included with CDYNE Postal Address Verification. CDYNE Postal Address Verification returns the following result codes for DPV with the VerifyAddress operation.
LACSLink® is a system that matches addresses against a list of rural route, highway route, and box number addresses that have been renumbered or renamed due to 911 address conversions. LACS Flag – this indicates whether or not there is an address match with the LACSLink database.
Y – LACS record match – the input address matched to a record in the master file, and a new address could be provided. N – No match – the input address could not be matched to a record in the master file, and a new address could not be provided. LACS Indicator – this indicates whether or not the input address has a conversion in the USPS LACSLink database. RDI or Residential Delivery Indicator identifies whether an address is classified as residential or business.
USPS SuiteLink data provides improved business addressing information by appending known secondary (suite) information to business addresses.
CDYNE Postal Address Verification returns a key that can be used to obtain the Intelligent Mail Barcode string to generate a barcode image.

In this five-part blog series, we will take a more in-depth look at the programming operations that CDYNE Postal Address Verification API will perform as well as how to use the operations and understand the data returns. Click on the links below to read each article. For more information about CDYNE Postal Address Verification, please contact an account representative at 1-800-984-3710, inquire by email, or initiate a chat for more details.
Key Postal Address Verification 3.0 Web Service features include a comprehensive DPV (Delivery Point Validation) return code system that confirms the existence of a specific address and whether or not it can be delivered to. In addition to validating deliverable addresses, businesses can tailor additional data returns at no additional cost. Postal Address Verification 3.0 is backed up with a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA), protecting clients from unscheduled outages.
Let's take a deeper look at all those features and some other gems that are part of the Google search engine. To look up stock market and mutual fund quotes, enter the ticker symbol into the search box. For a deeper look, click on the chart, or visit other financial information providers by clicking on the links provided. If you need to check an address in order to make sure you have the right travel directions, then this will be the best way. A large number of people still list their addresses and home phone numbers in the white pages.
People go to the US Postal Service website to change their address and forward their mail when they move.
Many direct mailing houses, printers and online companies provide packages that will help you to ensure residential addresses are correct. You may be adding an address to a database or risking your personal information if the site is not legitimate. You’ll need to sign up for a low-cost paid plan to at least one of the services in order to use UK Postcode Lookup. Customers can enter a postcode and house number, then find addresses easily to complete the checkout form. Lookup fields will be displayed within any One Page Checkout in your store as well as your regular checkout page.
CASS rules require that our software take an input address and verify it exists in the USPS databases.
It is also important to point out that failing verification does not mean an address cannot be delivered, but mailing out something without a verified address may take longer, it might go to the wrong location, it might be returned undeliverable, or it might be lost in the system. While most addresses follow this format there are many that don’t and have to be handled separately.
If all other address information matches this will be corrected to the database value if possible.
For instance a match found in a Finance number that matches the City, State and ZIP in the input address would have higher priority than a match that is in a finance number that only matches the City and State of the input address.
If a single match is found it is returned, if multiple matches are found some tie breaking is attempted but if no single match can be determined the address fails verification. The API compares your addresses against the USPS database and will let you know if they are deliverable.
PAV confirms this address does have a delivery point and mail can be delivered there (DpvConfirmationIndicator = Y). As part of the CDYNE Postal Address Verification offering, the following data is included in the pricing.
The example below shows a return code of 100, which means all parts of the address have been DPV confirmed.
This is the barebones operation for users who only need to validate whether or not an address is deliverable.

These conversions involve changing rural-style addresses to city-style addresses for 911 emergency system implementations.
Businesses can avoid residential delivery surcharges by verifying delivery type status prior to shipping with Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI). Postal Address Verification 3.0 offers optional data returns including proper case formatting, Census data, geo-location data, and Legislative data. IT departments can interface with Postal Address Verification 3.0 Web Service using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or REST (Representational State Transfer) protocols to build address verification features into existing business applications.
Web Services include Phone Notify!, SMS Notify!, Postal Address Verification, Phone Verification, Email Verification, Demographics, CDYNE 411, Death Index, and IP2Geo. Most streets have Google Street View, which allows you to look at the house or apartment to check how it looks as well as the street number. The USPS suggests that 8 percent of mail never reaches its destination because of the wrong address, so this will help to eliminate that waste. Easily add US Address Validation, UK Postcode Lookup, or NL Postcode Lookup to your WooCommerce Checkout. In addition to providing an easy to use interface for selecting the correct address, customers’ addresses are automatically USPS CASS-certified, geocoded, and classified (residential or commercial). This value is present in almost all addresses and cannot be corrected, it’s either wrong or its right.
It’s important to note that a street address must match at least two pieces of the last line data, the only exception is when a zip 5 is the only piece of last line data provided. Click here (opens a PDF) to see the importance of address data quality, some reasons for bad addresses, and the return on investment when validating the accuracy of your address lists.
It will reduce non-deliverable addresses, ensure the fastest delivery possible, and qualify your mailings for USPS discounts. CDYNE Postal Address Verification API enables a business IT department to implement address verification capabilities within their existing systems with a minimal time and money investment. Businesses can use RDI data to maximize savings by flagging residential addresses and then shopping for the most cost-effective delivery option. Notice that the input address does not contain a secondary or suite number, but the corrected address does.
CDYNE Postal Address Verification returns a POSTNET Barcode string that can be used to generate a barcode image.
With Postal Address Verification 3.0, businesses can increase the number of addresses delivered to, ensure fastest possible delivery of materials or inventory, qualify for USPS discounts, and standardize address data for peak data quality management. Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) and POSTNET barcodes to qualify for automated discounts are also included with Postal Address Verification 3.0. The DPV footnotes indicate the address has been matched to the ZIP+4 file (AA) and all components of the address were matched to DPV (BB).
The greatest advantage of LACSLink processing is that it reduces undeliverable mail and ensures that your lists have the most current address information on file, which lowers costs and provides faster delivery. The example below is a made-up address to illustrate how CDYNE Postal Address Verification handles LACSLink return data. In order to send mail to residential addresses, businesses in many countries are required to check addresses against national or post office records.
In fact,  an address can contain multiple delivery points such as an apartment building or business office with numerous suites. Combined with the ZIP+4 code, a delivery point gives each deliverable address a unique identifier.

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