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15 Aug. 2015

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The prepaid cell phone market continues to grow as more users opt for the flexibility and affordability these services provide. Unlike traditional cell phone plans, prepaid cell phones do not require extended contracts. Some customers find that they spend less money with prepaid cell phones because they pay only for the services they use. With a prepaid plan, users pay for the service before they start using it, so credit worthiness is not an issue.
The amount of data customers consume each month greatly depends on the types of phones they have, and customers with more advanced smartphones consume extra data. As of early 2014, four major cell phone service providers in the United States own their own equipment and networks.
Understanding which mobile network operator provides service for the prepaid cell phones helps customers choose one that offers the best coverage in their areas. With traditional cell phone plans, consumers usually purchase phones at deep discounts or have the ability to make payments on new phones. According to CNET, prepaid cell phones are ideal for consumers who do not constantly use their cell phones, want to have more control over their phone usage, or need an extra phone when traveling outside their networks. Customers need to look at how they use their phones, including how often they talk, how many texts they send, and how often they access data plans. Prepaid cell phones have recently seen a surge in consumer interest as a recession-friendly option for mobile communication. Best Buy reviewers have given the phone a 5 star rating with the only complaints being the battery life is too short and the inability to play flash video. The Nokia 2320 is an ideal budget prepaid cell phone for the casual user who only needs calling and texting. The Motorola Renew prepaid cell phone was designed to be the world’s first carbon neutral phone. An entry-level smartphone, the Blackberry Curve 8530 offers 3G Wi-Fi capability in a prepaid option.
The LG Cosmos prepaid cell phone provide by Verizon Wireless is a high quality slider messaging phone perfect for teens or other text enthusiasts who want something a little more than the basic budget phone.  Recommended by both Cnet and PCMag as the best entry-level messaging phone with social networking capability, the only complaints were a lack of music player and video recorder and sluggish CDMA web browser, though was praised for design and call quality.

Though not the most advanced cell phone, the Samsung T369 still packs a lot of useful features into a basic compact slider phone. I personally use the Straight Talk prepaid service available at Walmart – switched about a year ago and have been very happy with them. Hey, just because I want to save money (with prepaid) it doesn’t mean I want to miss out on smartphones! Consumers must choose betweenApple and Android devices, smartphones and traditional phones, and a variety of talk, text, and data plans. These services give buyers more control over their cell phones and make it easier for them to monitor how they use them. This is especially true for consumers who do not talk on the phone much or prefer to communicate via text. This is ideal for customers with poor credit who cannot qualify for a cell phone account, or for those who prefer to keep their financial information private.
In addition to a limited selection of phones, some users find that the available coverage and service limitations do not meet their personal cell phone needs. With a prepaid cell phone, these customers find that their data service slows significantly after they reach their monthly limit.
If the major carriers offer reliable coverage in the areas, the prepaid cell phones using those networks work better in those locations. Prepaid phones do not have these options because customers must pay in advance for all services. Its sellers offer a variety of phones from different manufacturers so you can find one that meets your needs. With no contract to sign, prepaid cell phones are an attractive option for those who don’t want a large monthly bill or to be tied down to one phone or carrier for a lengthy period of time. All of the plastic components of the phone are made from recycled water bottles and comes in 100% recycled packaging.
This model has been used by other cell phone carriers, but with Boost Mobile, you get the versatility of choosing between prepaid unlimited monthly plans with talk, text, and web starting at $50 a month or pay-as-you-go talk time at 10 cents a minute.
Prepaid certainly has come along way and because the competition is greater, seem to want to out do each other with what they offer by way of phones and plans.

Especially like the fact that, like some of the offers above, you can now get much better handsets than prepaid had to offer previously.
As if the decision was not complicated enough, customers need to decide between prepaid cell phones and contract services.
People who plan to use their phones while traveling internationally must find a GSM phone, because they are the only phones compatible with international networks. Other features include a 3.2 megapixel camera and camcorder, app sharing from the Android market including Swype for texing, voice dialing over Bluetooth, full Qwerty keyboard, and phonebook integration with Facebook and Twitter. Each has its own merits, and consumers need to understand the pros and cons of prepaid cell phones so they can make informed decisions.
Additionally, prepaid customers have the ability to suspend service if they do not need to use their phones. It also means that when the customer wants to upgrade a phone, he or she must purchase a new phone at the full retail price. We’ve searched the web to find the best prepaid cell phones that run the gamut from smartphones to basic talk and text phones. According to the review on Cnet, the Nokia 2320 has good phone quality and excellent battery life. Bottom line, it’s a good middle of the road prepaid phone that will give you more than basic features.
Once you weigh each pro and con of prepaid cell phones, your shopping experience becomes much easier and hassle-free.
It’s offered by T-Mobile with prepaid plans starting at $15 a month or pay-as-you-go talk at 10 cents a minute. The AT&T pay as you go GoPhone prepaid airtime cards start at $15 and one is included with the Nokia 2320. Offered by T-Mobile who has prepaid plans starting at $15 a month as well as pay-as-you-go cards with talk at 10 cents a minute.

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