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22 Apr. 2013

Prank call guide,phone number finder by address nz,reverse directory address,phone number reverse lookup usa - How to DIY

If you call an overachieving, goody-two-shoes girl and tell her you found dirty pictures of her, she will know you're either a fake or she'll think you're a stalker. If you decide to call a random number, use *67 at the beginning of the number, or else you could get in a lot of trouble.
If you call a business, don't call a franchise because they'll save your number (even if you use *67) and you'll get in big trouble.
Absolutely NEVER under any circumstances make a prank call to someone who has been, is etc.

Absolutely NEVER under any circumstances make a prank call to 911, or any other emergency number because the delay you cause them with your fun can at least very easily be responsible for someone's death and also is extremely illegal and lame. Sometimes if you call someone you know and they figure you out, they'll call your cell or house phone to yell at you (especially if you call someone like your mom or another family member). Practice disguising your voice, if your voice is fairly high to begin with, make it higher, and if your voice is lower to begin with, make it lower. If they recently had a party when their parents weren't home, call their mom pretending to be someone who was at their party and wanted to tell them how great it was.

If you aren't good at thinking off the top of your head, write a basic script to follow so you can make the most out of your prank call.

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