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25 Sep. 2013

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This needs to be complimented by mobile number portability policies that allow consumers to switch carriers without being forced to change their phone number.
The majority of phone users may not even know they’re using SIM cards, let alone understand the full implications network locked handsets. Guardian Media Limited accepts no liability and will not be held accountable for user comments. Update (26 APR 2012) - Outgoing Digicel Trinidad CEO, Niall Dorian, was interviewed by Guardian (Trinidad). If you are like me and your SIM has not been provisioned for the 4G network and you have not gotten this SMS you can join me in toting. Also spotted by one person is the fact that 4G capable phones are distinctly labelled on Digicel's website as seen below. Update (APR 10 2012) : Looks like the end of the wet dreams for us and time for the real deal soon.

Update (APR 05 2012) : Last night I was alerted about a trinituner forum posting where someone had posted a customer care email response to their enquiry about the upcoming 4G network.
For example, in T&T, both TSTT and Digicel operate GSM networks and both sell their customers GSM-compatible mobile phones. Carriers often claim that they lock handsets because they sell subsidised phones in return for a contractual commitment of one, two or three years from consumers. Several countries in those regions have long instituted legal obligations, ranging from requiring the carrier to unlock phones immediately when asked by a customer to doing so at the conclusion of term contracts.
I saw the ad on TV this morning which they subsequently uploaded to facebook and I have embedded below for your viewing. For many mobile phones sold by carriers in the English-speaking Caribbean, however, the subsidised handset argument does not quite hold true. The handset locking limitation is artificial in the sense that there are otherwise no impediments for any phone running on a compatible competing national or even North American, European or Asian mobile network.

What it all comes down to is that carriers lock handsets as a disincentive for consumers switching to another network. This, in turn, is a catalyst for competitiveness in the local economy and competitive advantages in the global market. For example, locked handsets can force consumers to pay their carrier’s hefty roaming fees when travelling internationally. For this to happen at the required pace, carriers and policymakers must themselves be unlocked from the mentalities that have constrained regional development for too long. Unlocked phones allow consumers to easily use a subscriber identity module card, commonly known as a SIM card, from a local carrier and make local calls without incurring roaming charges.

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