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15 Jul. 2012

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This presentation is a general overview of how to successfully navigate Switchboard, the online phone book.
If you got a new Android phone for the holidays, here are a few quick tips to get you started. It will search apps which is related to a specific category.These are kind of functional search categories which will sort out results in a smarter way. Try this search app tool for your android phone today and get best results including your personal view, interests, categorization. Each manufacturer alters the software a bit, so the screenshots here may look a little different than the phone you have.

In the Settings app, you can sync your Android phone with popular online networks and services like Facebook.
All Android phones come with this handy widget that lets you control Wi-Fi, brightness, and other basic functions right from your home screen. Under your security settings, you can allow your phone to install apps from unknown sources.
You can easily share photos from your phone on Facebook and other major services without launching the app. It acts a search tool, but can also remind you of appointments, get you directions, and find sports scores.

Tapping the multitasking key on your phone (it looks like two boxes) will let you cycle between open apps. When you sync your phone with your Gmail account, your browsing history, calendar, email, etc. Just be careful because allowing unknown apps on your phone could make your device more prone to malware.

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