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13 May. 2012

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The telephone number (your identity), is no longer fixed to a specific geographic location nor is it fixed to a physical mobile device, as it has been historically.
The telephone number creates linkage, crossing and combining the legacy analog PSTN world with the IP-based world of today and the foreseeable future. Every person and business on the planet that has a telephone or knows how to use one, understands the numerals 0-9, and what a telephone number is.
Instead of formatting the cell to look like a phone number, I use 4 functions in one to create this new cell.
We don't remember phone numbers too often nowadays because our smartphones remember them for us.
Mobile phone spammers have recently released a new version of a well known phone number harvesting tool, whose main objective is to crawl the public Web and index mobile phone numbers, which will later be used for various malicious and fraudulent purposes.

The second screenshot displays the results of the tool in the following order: unique number of the harvested phone number, the actual phone number, name of the owner, logo of the mobile operator, name of the mobile operator, date and country (in this case, Russia).
For starters, check whether the Web site that requires your phone number is actually listing it on the Web. But while I remember my childhood home phone number, I can’t recall my first CompuServe email address (back when they were a long string of random numbers assigned to you with a comma in the middle that had to be converted to a period when used in an email address, rather than a name you chose yourself—difficult to remember unless you’re some kind of freak of nature).
With number portability, your phone number—whether it’s you as an individual –OR– a business (landline or mobile)—stays with you, regardless of which carrier you choose, when you change mobile devices, move across the street or across the country, your number is yours if you want to keep it. With number portability, the ‘identity’ of your phone number stays with your business any place, any carrier, any service provider. Telephone numbers composed of the numerals 0-9 are universal across the entire world, regardless of language.

The risk to one’s true identity—their telephone number, individual or a business—in an IP world stems from misguided product implementations of SMS (faux SMS) or the replacement of that unique identity by an app-specific proprietary identity. Just like true marketers, the developer of the tool has included the option to choose a specific region within the available countries, with the idea to assist in the inevitable malicious and fraudulent activity that will result from this phone number harvesting activity. The truly paranoid can always get a second phone number, and use it exclusively on the Web.

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