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08 Nov. 2012

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The Jersey Shore star tweeted a phone number to a girl and made his fans and the press believe it was an accident and was his own phone number.
Our RumorFix team had to call the number, but it goes straight to voice mail and the mailbox is understandably full.
It turns out thousands of people called the number wanting to talk to the muscle head — instead they got the cellphone of his best bud, Peter Di Cataldo. After hours of the prank, The Sitch finally came clean tweeting, “His all network was so jammed for hours straight , it was unreal the amount of callers n texts ! Not very long ago, prank calling consisted of a room full of bored teens, a rotary phone and a phone book flipped open to the “pizza delivery” section of the Yellow Pages. However, the rapid advancement of VOIP technology has led to an interesting integration between the Internet and phone lines. If you consider how making a call from a VOIP application like Skype works, this process is much the same. If you and your friends are the type that likes to poke a little fun at each other, using the following prank call websites on your friends is sure to give them a good laugh. If a computerized voice reading off your message just doesn’t cut it for you, then consider MyPhoneBlaster, a free service that lets you send an MP3 sound file to someone’s phone number.
The only limitations for the free calls on this site are that the files need to be under 8MB, and the call will only allow 30 second clips. Now, if you really don’t have time to put together a sound file of your own, PrankDialer is a fun option. One of the funniest clips I found in this decent sized selection is one called “David after the Dentist.”  Basically, the clip is an audio of this 9 or 10 year old kid who just left the dentist’s office. Another method people use to make prank calls on the Internet is by using one of the many free callback services, such as the ones Aibek reviewed, that have sprung up all around the Internet ever since free VOIP calling became viable and popular. While the service was intended as a tool people can use to schedule birthday wishes or to remind yourself about an important appointment, obviously it can also be used as a free prank call website that let’s you schedule exactly when the call will be placed.

Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. A quick look over a number of unique, interesting and hassle-free reminder tools to assist you with daily stuff. You’d pick straws to choose who went first, and then take turns seeing who could make the funniest prank call. That integration now provides teens with prank call websites and other Internet technologies that make prank calls not only easier and more anonymous, but even completely automated. When you dial a landline number from Skype, your call travels through what’s called an IP gateway that transfers data from the Internet to phone networks. And whenever you have the computer do anything, an entire world of possibilities open up such as scheduling calls or playing music or hilarious sounds and voices. The system utilizes text-to-voice technology, so that when your friend answers the call, your message is repeated in a digitized voice. One of those is Wakerupper, which is a lot like the automated prank call sites above that used a digitized voice, except with this site you can schedule the call at some point in the future. This is perfect if you have friends who are on different time zones and really don’t want to fire off an Internet prank call and wake them up at two in the morning.
For adults, prank calling friends is a really fun way to keep in touch with people in a hilarious way. In fact, more and more phone companies are switching over to IP telephony, making the entire line between “landlines” and “VOIP” even more vague. There are a few things to take note of here; first, this particular tool allows you to make just 3 calls a day (from your IP anyway), and second, don’t even bother typing in any vulgar or curse words – vulgarity is filtered and your call won’t be made. All you have to do is select one of the pranks and type in the phone number that you want the service to call. This site could be a riot for a group of friends who occasionally want to fire off a prank call to each other containing some inside joke or really funny quote.

In fact, some things can get you arrested in many countries – such as prank calling 911 or the police, calling in bomb threats, and threatening or harassing people. Just this year, a teenage boy was arrested by the FBI for “prank calling” bomb threats to North Carolina schools in order to shut them down for a day.
So, prank calls are fun, but remember to use common sense whenever using any of these free sites. Make sure you include no dashes, spaces or periodsStep # 2: Type in the number you want to spoof. Thanks to the ability to tap into the Android OS's original contact menus, users can make these calls quickly and with no software issues. One note to consider is that the number you enter will also display the name of the individual who actually has that number. According to the SpoofApp website this is because the name is pulled from a central database that matches phone numbers to their respective owner's names. This option records with perfect clarity (at least as good as the call reception at the time of the call allowed). This option is chosen before you place the call which allows for full call recording with ease. Although the app is subject to misuse, it's really intended as just a fun app, so you might well question the overall cost just for a practical joke -- there are plenty of free and strange Android apps out there after all. One bonus it has over other apps too, is that your location in the world is no barrier to using this app, it just uses different numbers depending on your location.

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