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07 Feb. 2015

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The Jersey Shore star tweeted a phone number to a girl and made his fans and the press believe it was an accident and was his own phone number. Our RumorFix team had to call the number, but it goes straight to voice mail and the mailbox is understandably full. It turns out thousands of people called the number wanting to talk to the muscle head — instead they got the cellphone of his best bud, Peter Di Cataldo. After hours of the prank, The Sitch finally came clean tweeting, “His all network was so jammed for hours straight , it was unreal the amount of callers n texts ! Wilson must have been feeling pretty saucy on Saturday, because he decided to prank his former catcher Mike Napoli. Calling the number took you straight to voicemail where Napoli’s voice was on the answering message and you were told his mailbox was full.

Make sure you include no dashes, spaces or periodsStep # 2: Type in the number you want to spoof. Thanks to the ability to tap into the Android OS's original contact menus, users can make these calls quickly and with no software issues. One note to consider is that the number you enter will also display the name of the individual who actually has that number. According to the SpoofApp website this is because the name is pulled from a central database that matches phone numbers to their respective owner's names. This option records with perfect clarity (at least as good as the call reception at the time of the call allowed). This option is chosen before you place the call which allows for full call recording with ease.

Although the app is subject to misuse, it's really intended as just a fun app, so you might well question the overall cost just for a practical joke -- there are plenty of free and strange Android apps out there after all. One bonus it has over other apps too, is that your location in the world is no barrier to using this app, it just uses different numbers depending on your location.

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