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05 Jul. 2015

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Some spanning sync apps generate a certain phone number to many of the contacts by mistake. It's obviously that the phone number +1 405 22 4234 repeats in many contacts,  although it is possible to delete the number manually one by one, but if the number was made to all of your contacts, it will be a tough job to delete in traditional way -  by hand. There are options of matching rules including: Contains, Starts with, Ends with and Whole Word. The result contacts match to the search condition will be listed in a table,  check unwanted phone numbers and go on. The latest move that's bound to stir quite a lot of controversy is the addition of mobile phone number and home address information to the contact data app makers can ask for.

In a perfect world, users would read the permissions notification and would only allow access to an app they trusted. Unfortunately, in the real world, Facebook scams are on the rise and it doesn't look like the trend is reversing any time soon. While access to mobile phone numbers or address could prove valuable for businesses and users alike, for example for deliveries, local services and so on, the data could easily be abused, at the very least for spammy text messages. InsideFacebook first reported the development this morning, and Facebook now says it will be rolling out the targeting option widely next week. Because this is sensitive information, we have created the new user_address and user_mobile_phone permissions," Facebook's Jeff Bowen announced.

Facebook says it will start letting marketers find prospects on the social network by using personal information like phone numbers and email addresses. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.

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