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25 Aug. 2012

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As recently as yesterday Google stripped the phone numbers off of non-sponsored map listings, even if you were doing a navigational search! Update: it looks like Google claimed the phone number removal was a bug, but weird timing that the bug appeared at the same time they started selling premium local ads that appear on the regular search results. AdWords Ads: the ads at the top of the search results and those which run down the right rail of the search results. Organic Search Results: the results on the search result page that are determined algorithmically and appear below the fold. To me this screams the importance of working the tail of search, because the more obscure a search query is the greater the risk to Google if they pollute it with junk from vertical search databases. Once you set up your free account you can comment on our blog, and you are eligible to receive our search engine success SEO newsletter.
But the map in local search is really annoying, especially when you search some services that you don't have to know where they are located. Lucky for SEO's still the majority of searchers are able to spot the spam on Google and will probably scroll down to the organic listings anyway. If I search Google for *pizza* they localize those search results for that 1 word query and put a huge map right inthe organic search results, just below the 3 ~ billion dollar brands (Pizza Hut, Dominoes, + Papa Johns) in the pizza delivery market. There's a whole inevitable discussion this leads to of how much longer before Google creates a 'problem' which people want a fix for in the way they search, which opens a door for a new, simpler, more innovative search engine to step in. As far as the map effect, the presence of phone numbers in address data was giving some spammers quick rides to #1.
Moreover, the main difference I can see in the #1 result is the presence of the *phone number* in the geo info.

So, yeah, time to hit the long tail, but Google is messing with that too by sometimes omitting keywords from a search string and forcing the user to more popular searches. As competition heats up for the best SERP real estate position, sites and marketers are going to be driving the most relevant results to searchers.
For those who have spent years investing in and creating great sites with high organic search results this trend is definitely NOT positive. I'm conflicted here as to whether it's just Google being clumsy in promoting Google Maps (which gives a nod to your theory) or they actually have data that these maps are useful and provide users with a better local search.
And while Google claimed the phone number error was only for a couple hours Thursday morning, that statement was factually incorrect as I ordered Indian food Wednesday night and there was no phone number then either.
I understand that it is their right to extract more money out of their markets by providing value, but the way organic search results are turning out to be is just disappointing. I think most of the searches find map results to be really unrelated to what they are searching for. If too many people find too many results too useless, at some point searchers would lose good will and switch to a competing SE.. Now that search engine optimization has established its position among online marketing methods and more sites are trying to get placed at the top of the SERP, life is getting harder for the SEO experts and site owners. I have been saying this for a while now but your post brings it to light again, by pushing the natural search results farther down the page Google is leaving the door open for the next big thing in search.
Some college student somewhere already has designs on being famous or maybe is just sick of the crap, and is working on a basic search engine that just does a good job of giving searchers the information they are looking for. Or maybe, and I know this is asking a lot, Bing will get a clue, make a page design shift, right now to Organic results, first, top to bottom, and PPC neatly down the right side, and steal the top spot away from Google as the most popular search engine on the planet.

Google is currently making algo changes as to the volume of 1Maps that are showing for a variety of search phrases. Even if the exact tracing is bit difficult there are a number of ways we can reach the caller or at least his circle and provider . They have been funding the development of the technology that will extract and devour the commercial value of their industry-directed traffic. I personally have never made use of any map related info which turns up on Google when search results are returned. But most people are probably going to be too lazy to try out other search engines unless Google ***really*** screws up the search user experience horrifically bad.
I also will not be surprised when the Product OneBox in Universal is replaced with peeps who bought the $50,000 Commerce Search license which was actaully just further monetization of GBase beyond sponsored ads.
In spite of Google's huge economic succcess (and all the media coverage about it) most searchers still do NOT realize that Google sells paid listings and they can not identify the paid listings in the search results.
A search engine less worried about monetizing itself in every conceivable way and instead designed to give only natural search results. Reverse mobile tracker, address of image that the cell phone trace land line details like gsm dial instead of any mobile number. Number trace the information including name, callwithus, hence the official website now with.

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