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15 Feb. 2013

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Users can attempt to identify the number, the location, and the carrier, and they can also leave comments detailing their experiences with a certain number. According to the company, more than 200,000 numbers have had complaints filed against them, but the vast majority are from companies that inadvertently violated Do Not Call rules or that were mistakenly listed. While the feds have been able to shut down only a few such phone dialers (due to limited resources), Caller Complaints brings a crowdsourced, Web 2.0 approach to the issue of phone spam. 350,000 unique visitors a month now drop by to file complaints about phone calls and to figure out what company is behind them.

Let's just say that it is astonishing, the lengths that angry people will go to in order to unmask those who spam their phone.
The company, still in stealth mode, uses no banner advertising on the site, though it does hope to make money by partnering with companies to provide phone number lookup services and other tools that those who visit a caller complaint site might want to use.
They have to pay significantly (over $0.50 per call) each time they pick up because they have to reimburse the pay phone company on top of their regular phone bills! If you wish to contact us for any kind of complaints about copyright and intellectual property, please use the Contact Us page, we will take action on any complaints later - later than 3 business days..

Caller Complaints just picked up the FTC's internal Do Not Call complaints database as well, merging those three million complaints with its own user-generated complaints to create a massive, searchable database of phone numbers.

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