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10 Jan. 2014

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Over a year ago I first heard about a revolutionary new service called FreedomPop that offered free mobile internet to their customers, with no strings attached.
Even if you don’t go with FreedomPop, there are options like Virgin Mobile and other prepaid providers that will have the iPhone available on cheaper (although not free like this) prepaid plans. We’re pretty sure that a relatively new company named FreedomPop doesn’t intend to compete in the Lifeline Assistance marketplace, but the company offers a broad range of plans that are so different and so inexpensive that they should not be overlooked. The smartphones that are available directly from FreedomPop are considerably better than the phones you’ll most likeky get from the free government cell phone providers. If you think some of these phones are a bit more expensive than you see advertised at other cell phone providers, remember that the phones come contract-free, and you own the phone. If you already have a phone or none of the choices at FreedomPop work for you, there is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.
Now, you’ll have to get to a WiFi area to use this app, unless you want to connect via an existing phone connection you might have, but with WiFi everywhere these days, it might work for you. But their calling service is considerably less expensive to run than a traditional phone carrier.

Can you buy a decent Sprint phone off eBay or for cheap and use it with this service (Freedom Pop). Yes, I purchased a used phone off Ebay, but make sure it is a phone that works with freedompop as things change over time. Hi my name is farah iam a single mother I would very much like to get one of these phone for my son school to be able to contact me.. I just recieved my phone from Budget and I can't seem to be able download facebook and certain apps. I have a VOOZ phone,and all of a sudden its telling me to enter Input password, and at the bottom right it has SOS. I will take a look at FreedomPop, as well as some others, because the amount ofour phone bill is currently obscene. Think of it: if you and your friends and relatives all have a FreedomPop base, free plan, you can have unlimited talk time among yourselves for no calling charges whatsoever. As if all of these options were not enough, FreedomPop has recently announced its new “over-the-top” (OTT) phone and text app for Android and IOS phones.

FreedomPop uses a VoIP system to convert calls into data, which are transferred over the internet lines the company bought from Sprint. They even have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plan where you can use their service (even the free one) on your own phone. With this free app, you can make voice calls and text, along with your own voicemail, for absolutely no cost — you do not even need a FreedomPop plan. The best option they had available at the time was a 3-4 year old phone, that was no longer cutting edge. In addition, they will also give you a new phone number for the phone, or port over an existing number if you wish to transfer an existing line.

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