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06 Mar. 2012

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In addition to all the tools FreedomWorks supplies its members, we also  provide you access to an innovative, new technology that allows you to  campaign over the phone for candidates who share your passion for limited  government.
How our phone banking technology works is simple: all you do is log in,  enter in your phone number, and let us handle the rest. At FreedomWorks, we always strive to give you all the necessary materials to become your own campaign center. Keep up to date with FreedomWorks to learn when we will be having more FreePAC events following the elections.

All across the country activists are coming together to put candidates in  Congress who believe in more freedom and less government.
Using either  your home phone or cell phone, you will automatically dial a series of voters and be able to speak directly to them in support of your favored  candidate. Joe Walsh, Constitutional Scholar Judge Napolitano, and Former President of Poland Lech Walesa who all gave energizing speeches on the importance of taming Washington’s extravagant spending. With Freedomconnector, you can view campaign  walks happening in your area, so you can coordinate with activists and  make an impact come Election Day.

That’s  why we’ve given you the latest technology to connect with fellow freedom fighters in your area.

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