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29 Jul. 2015

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17% of cell owners have used their phone to look up health or medical information and 29% of cell owners ages 18-29 have done such searches. This means that health-information searches and communications have joined the growing array of non-voice data applications that are being bundled into cell phones. Even with the proliferation of mobile and online opportunities, however, most adults’ search for health information remains anchored in the offline world. Cell phone users between 18-29 years old are more likely than older cell owners to use mobile health apps: 15% do so, compared with 8% of cell users ages 30-49, for example. The demographic mix shifts a bit when it comes to looking for health information on the go. Younger cell phone users are certainly the most likely group to do this activity, but the drop-off point is closer to age 50, rather than age 30.

In addition to the findings related to cell phones, the September 2010 survey finds that 57% of American adults have a wireless connection and use a laptop or a cell phone to access the internet. This survey finds that 78% of wireless internet users have looked online for health information, compared with 70% of internet users with desktop access and 59% of all American adults. The Pew Internet Project’s latest survey of American adults, conducted in association with the California HealthCare Foundation, finds that 85% use a cell phone.
African American cell phone owners are more likely than other groups to use such apps: 15% do so, compared with 7% of white and 11% of Latino cell phone users. Latino cell phone users are significantly more likely than other groups to use their cell phone to look for health information: 25% do so, compared with 15% of non-Hispanic whites, for example. These patterns are beginning to emerge in Americans’ pursuit of health information on mobile devices as well as traditional wired computers.

Urban cell phone owners are more likely than those who live in suburban or rural areas to have a mobile health app on their phone.
Cell phone owners living in urban areas are more likely than their suburban and rural counterparts to use their phones to gather health information. Information is now portable, personalized, and participatory, thanks in part to the growing number of American adults who are leading the wireless pack.

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