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14 Dec. 2014

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The new feature called Live Caller ID Lookup will be delivered through a Windows Phone application, which has just been updated with new premium features. The Truecaller application has two versions available for download via Windows Phone Store, but only the premium one provides users with the Live Caller ID Lookup feature.
The good news is Lumia smartphone owners won’t have to pay anything for the premium version of Truecaller for Windows Phone, as Microsoft has it all covered. With Live Caller ID Lookup feature enabled, Lumia smartphone users will be able to show the name of incoming calls that are not in that device’s phonebook. On one hand its very useful to identify the person behind the unknown numbers while going back to the other side, if you look at some one, the same thing will happen in counter verse anyone can look at you using your number.
That’s all done, your number is unlisted from the Truecaller directory within a matter of minutes and sometime it may take time of maximum of 24 HRS. If you are not using neither of the mentioned devices then provide your name and phone number including country code to the Truecaller support team and within 24 hours your number is added to the list.
A British company claims to have invented a working hydrogen-powered smartphone battery that could potentially allow your phone to go a week without recharging.

VitalShield - The Safety Device That Fits Your Daily Life The hazards of using cell phones may not be overtly evident but researches have shown that radio signals emitted by cell phones may lead to many harmful diseases in the long run. Constantly depending on Google to find a word you can’t remember or transferring most of memory responsibly to smart phones could be damaging your brain. Cell phone android spy phone apk are not listed publicly, which is why you won"t find the information you are looking for in the white pages or any of the other traditional online phone books. Select from the list of activities to monitor: phone calls, text messages, GPS location and more. It’s also worth mentioning that Truecaller can identify numbers from all over the world.
Let us consider if you mistakenly dialed to a unknown person, then there may be a chance he can identify you and misuse your identity. Only your number is unlisted from the directory and still you can see unknown numbers in Truecaller database. One will be surprised to know that these listening devices can be used to activate a mobile phone in remote areas and it can be used for.

The risk factor increases that unknown person will easily identify you because it displays the location and mostly contacts are suffixed or prefixed with some specific name such as organization or institute name or something else which makes the search simple.
Reverse phone lookup directories provide a service which you can use to look up cell phone number owners.
Truecaller upload your contact list while you are installing the app and wise verse it will retrieve the information previously stored in their server while you search for the unknown numbers. So its better to know how to unlist your number from the Truecaller’s database for your privacy reason.

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