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07 May. 2013

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This is definitely useful for those scary moments when you check your purse or turn your place upside down and still can’t find your phone. Game of Phones is a new kind of card game where you race to find the best or weirdest things on your smartphone to win.
Wireless key fob alarm for keeping track of your mobile phone and other valuables.Besides helping you find your phone, it will also remind you when you are too far away from your phone and on your way to losing it.
Of the projects that have reached 60% of their funding goal, 98% were successfully funded. Projects either make their goal or find little support.

Keep in mind that I live in a small apartment in NYC and somehow I still can’t seem to find my phone.
Once the distance between your phone and the alarm become too great, the alarm will sound, reminding you to take your phone with you. In the event that you still misplace your phone, you can still find it, even if your phone is set to mute.
Everyone finds something on their phones and shows the judge, who gets to choose a winner for that round.

Just press the alarm button to sound the alarm and let it help lead you to your phone.Attaching the alarm fob to your keyring is most practical because you can use your phone's alarm app to find it, or any other valuables with an alarm fob attached to it.

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