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07 Mar. 2015

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SNS Contact Integration: The contact integration on the Huawei enables you to pull your contacts from the same three social networks and have then reside within the phonebook.
Phone Finder: Having got all that cloud storage and lovely additional features, it’d be horrific if you managed to misplace the phone or worse still if you just lost it in the taxi!
You can browse the 16GB too to search for the MP3s and other bits you’ve stored online via the phone. The Backup service is not limited to just limited to photos and songs, but extends to applications as well. All in all what Huawei is promising is indeed an experience that’s reserved for the higher end devices.

When everything is finally at peace in your  phonebook, the biggest worry, is how to ensure that it will stay this way, if something went wrong after all, it is a lot of hard work to re-sync your contacts again. It’s nice to see that they are looking at offering the best possible deal to the Indian consumers.
Cloud+ offers a range of next generation features like Cloud+ Drive, Message+, Streams, Phone Finder, SNS Contacts integration, and anywhere any device access for content saved on Drive.
Cloud+ Contacts allows you to synchronize contacts from your phone to the Cloud+ server in real time.
The long list of offerings for a sub 10k device speaks of the kind of commitment it is wanting to make in India.

So you don’t have to worry about finding that one particular pic by the vague numerical label, instead you can actually see you entire library.
Contact information changes on your phone will be automatically synchronized to the Cloud+ server or your other Huawei phones and tablets.
Huawei however will look at providing you localized content along with the apps that most people install on their Android phones.

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