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16 Jun. 2012

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Wallet cases or folio cases are used to help you store your ID, cards, and cash right inside your iPhone 6 Plus case. This attractive wallet case from Candywe comes in a huge array of colors, but this gold iPhone 6 Plus case is one of the better color choices. This professional-looking case from Verus features a faux leather finish and a diary-style clasp to keep your phone and cards secure. Find more information and reviews for the Verus Dandy Klop Leather iPhone 6 Plus Case here. If you have a thing for houndstooth, Kroo has a cute iPhone 6 Plus case that’s right up your alley. Unlike competing phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z3, the iPhone 6 Plus is not waterproof. Another case from a less-well-known company, this iPhone 6 Plus case offers water-resistant features. For some iPhone owners, a sleeve is a more convenient option for protecting your device than a bulky case. This iPhone 6 Plus case features both a polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU case, which provides great protection.
This iPhone 6 Plus feels nice in your hand, and strides the line between form and function.
Find more information and reviews of the Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO Series iPhone 6 Plus case here. While the color options and size options are limited, this case will be ideal for the average iPhone 6 Plus user who loves listening to music while they do some cardio.
Find more information and reviews for the Caseen ViVi women’s smartphone wallet clutch here.
This rugged case may not be as tough as some other iPhone 6 Plus cases, but it gets high marks for style. If you want a clear case that shows off the color of your iPhone 6 Plus, then this clear bumper case with pink accents is perfect. Yeah, I totally argee with what you have said.This is an awesome artical, but I also get a good case to recommend to you. The iPhone 6 Plus is a mighty smartphone that you just might not want to put in your back pocket. Demand for the iPhone 6 Plus has been very high since launch, and that high demand has an unexpected consequence for many iPhone fans. While they may lack some specialized features, they provide good support for the phone and look great, to boot. This less expensive Case-Mate option retains that glittery, feminine look, but at a fraction of the cost of other cases from this company.

You can still easily see the time, and unlock the phone without having to open the cover flap first. These cases sometimes have a front cover flap with slots for your cards, while other models have a hatch on the rear of the case where cards get stowed. The wrist strap makes this easy to carry, which is nice for gals who wear skinny jeans with pockets that are too small to hold the iPhone 6 Plus in a bulky case.
This case holds three cards, along with a slot that can hold bills, receipts, notes, or business cards. Therefore, cases with a little extra waterproofing is ideal for any iPhone 6 Plus owner who wants to protect their investment.
The ergonomic curves of this iPhone case are great for helping you keep a grip, even if the case gets wet or sweaty from the palm of your hand.
If pink is your favorite color, or you just want a case with a more feminine touch, one of the iPhone 6 Plus cases below are probably perfect for you. We particularly like this pink and grey case, but the same case also comes in blue, black, white, and green. The case itself can be attached to a separate armband, allowing you to go from the office to a spin class without having to take your phone out of its case.
The case is available in other colors, but pink is definitely the cutest and most feminine option. With a little loop that lets you wear this like a wristlet, this iPhone 6 Plus wallet case has tons of little pockets for storing all you need for a day of shopping. If you want a simple little wallet that holds your phone and your cash, this cute purse is practically perfect. She's obsessed with finding the best deals, and firmly believes that paying full price is for suckers.
With my My last phone I could never understand why the battery would only last only 4-5 hours in sleep mode, changing settings and even replacing the battery didn’t help. If you just received the new, bigger gadget, you're definitely going to need a case for protection.
With so many people scrambling to get a new iPhone 6 Plus, supplies of compatible iPhone 6 Plus cases are very low at some local retailers.
This case is easy to pop on and off, making it ideal for people who want to remove the case and enjoy the sleek lines of this phone.
The case has ample storage for cards and cash, and closes securely with a snap-button flap, rather than a magnetic closure. If you live in a rainy climate, a case like this one is a good option to keep your iPhone 6 Plus warm and dry. While sleeves aren’t the best option for everyone, some iPhone 6 Plus owners will really enjoy the following sleeves.

While it may not be the most rugged option, this is a great option for someone who already stores their iPhone 6 Plus in a purse or briefcase.
All of the color options are cute in their own way, but obviously pink has a special appeal for fans of all things cute and cuddly. The back of the purse has a zippered pouch for change or notes, with the interior of the purse providing a solid place to store you iPhone 6 Plus.
If you want a cute case that can take a beating, this is an option that won’t break the bank. This cute iPhone 6 case is made from a combination of a hard clear polycarbonate back and soft clear TPU edges. If you are still hunting for the perfect case for your iPhone 6 Plus, we’ve rounded up 15 awesome cases that you can buy online, right now. Do note that the prices of the iPhone 6 Plus cases in this section (and throughout the article) are subject to change.
This case comes in black, brown, and rose, and has a look that’s perfect for any business professional who values image and discretion.
If you are tired of carrying a wallet or purse around, a wallet case can really streamline your life. This case is IP68 certified, which means it can withstand being submerged in up to eight meters of water for about 12 hours. Having a carrying case for your iPhone 6 Plus is a good way to avoid the bending issue that can affect some people who choose to store their phones in their pockets. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a nice bonus in an industry where most of the cases only have a one-year limited warranty. There are 4 credit card slots and a built in hard case that holds your iphone 6 plus in place firmly. Supcase may not be the most famous name in iPhone 6 cases, but their offerings look promising. If you spend a lot of time near bodies of water (or even your local pool), this kind of case is a smart buy.
It’s the ideal, cute iPhone 6 Plus case for women who love a dash of femininity in their practical accessories. Not just because the screen is big enough to do most things on but because the iPad feels heavy and clumsy compared to the iPhone. You will almost certainly want to get a case to go with it to protect it from drops and t make it easier to handle.There aren’t any good casesMany have complained that they have been unable to find a decent case for their iPhone 6 Plus.

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