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30 Aug. 2014

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Google’s core product, web search, simply indexes pages on the web and makes them available to searchers.
The first step is to contact the site owner and ask that the content be removed from the page or the page be removed from the web site or blocked from search engines. Google will check to ensure that the page no longer exists or is blocked and then remove it from search results. One thing you should probably not do is post additional information that could just add more negative search results for your name.
You can request that Google not display your residential address and phone number listing from this data using the Google Phonebook Name Removal form. Google Street View: Google Street View shows photos of map-related data (such as streets and businesses) and generally includes homes, vehicles, and people.
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Google provides an excellent directory of residential and business phone numbers in the United States. There are three operators that perform the searches for a phone number (we’ll get into the reverse directory lookup later). A search beginning with any of these operators brings up Google’s Phonebook search results page.
You can also use a logical OR for the residential or business name, but not for the location. If you aren’t happy that Google has your name listed, you can go to the Google Phonebook Removal Page to request that they remove it. Since Google doesn’t control the information on those pages, they will generally only remove them from their index if the site owner removes the pages from the site or uses standard methods of blocking the content from search engines. To ensure this, keep in mind that anything you put online, including reviews, photos on sites like Flickr, posts on discussion forums, and anything on social networks, could end up in Google.

Once you have done this, Google will recrawl the page automatically as part of the normal indexing process and the content will no longer appear in search results once this happens. Note that your phone number may appear in Google search results even once it’s removed from Google Phonebook. She built Google Webmaster Central and went on to found software and consulting company Nine By Blue and create Blueprint Search Analytics< which she later sold. So for instance, if someone is impersonating you using your real name, you can request an investigation.
Her book, Marketing in the Age of Google, (updated edition, May 2012) provides a foundation for incorporating search strategy into organizations of all levels.

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