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10 Apr. 2012

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MSU Web Standards provides guidance on web elements and practices that are required for every institutional web page. Search Tool Locates information for the website a visitor is currently on and from other related MSU web pages managed across the entire university. Coding Guidelines Addresses incorporating MSU's Web Accessibility Policy Technical Guidelines, validating HTML and CSS code, regularly checking web pages for broken links, and using descriptive page headings and link titles.
The MSU Masthead is designed to enable the Spartan helmet graphic and MSU text to display over the top of any web page background or image. Verify, adjust background image to ensure accessibility color contrast when using the semi-transparent search box. The Standard Footer is designed to enable the text links, standard text, and MSU wordmark to display over the top of any web page background or image.
Site Accessibility: hyperlink this text to a page in your website that describes and documents the functionality and standards your website uses to provide people with disabilities access to information and services. The website information and MSU information areas are separated using a 1-pixel, dotted rule (#999999) equal to the width of the website information element.
MSU Accessibility Policy applies to every web page used to conduct core university business and academic activities. Favicons for all MSU websites should feature the MSU helmet (see the resources section at the top of this document).

Social media networks and search engines use a web page’s Open Graph, Twitter Card, and meta tags when displaying summaries of and links to individual web pages. Links to institutional web pages encountered via social media and search are easier for potential visitors to understand and evaluate when well-written Open Graph, Twitter Card, and meta tags have been included. Well-written titles can generate more visits to a web page and improve search engine visibility. Include key words and phrases that visitors would use when searching for information contained within the web page. Accurate, timely, and engaging content enables visitors to MSU websites to understand and form a positive opinion of the university's academic programs, services, research innovations, faculty, staff, and more.
In addition, keeping website content up to date can boost user experience and search engine optimization. The Michigan State University Masthead, Search Tool, and Standard Footer were designed to provide a high level of flexibility for web designers and developers.
Each element can be integrated easily with existing MSU websites without extensive redevelopment or coding. Finally, a case study is provided as inspiration to web designers and developers for new directions that can be pursued using the MSU Masthead, Search Tool, and Standard Footer. Place the navigation bar between the MSU Masthead and the site name when using Gotham for the site name.

Explore interesting, new web design directions by leveraging how the MSU Masthead and Standard Footer were designed to display well over solid colors as well as rich photos and illustrations.
The goal was to test ideas for a completely new web design that included the MSU Masthead, Search Tool, and Standard Footer. The Required Elements & Best Practices identified in the introduction of this document also apply to MSU web-based communications and interfaces designed for mobile devices. Do not fill the area behind the MSU Masthead and Search Tool with a background color or image that is different from the background used in the website’s design. An MSU responsive design prototype has been developed which provides a starting point for creating new websites that incorporate all of the standards and practices identified in this document.
Campus web managers are requested to integrate these new standards with each MSU website by May 22, 2015 (within one year of the May 23, 2014 release). Adopting this approach to responsive design provides a more consistent and intuitive experience for MSU website visitors on mobile devices.

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