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16 Mar. 2014

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One-third of individuals seeking new health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are under 35 years of age. NerdWallet designed the Obamacare Plan Finder web app to help young, uninsured adults like Anna find the most affordable plans available on the new insurance marketplaces. In addition, young health insurance shoppers would be wise to do their research before jumping on a plan. We collected insurance plan and pricing data for Bronze and Silver plans from Covered California’s Shop and Compare Tool and New York State of Health’s Tax Credit and Premium Estimator. Please consult your state’s website for the most up-to-date information on individual insurance plan options. T-Mobile announced its Un-Carrier 9 intiative in New York City to make phone plans simpler for smaller businesses. Consumer Cellular is focused on the senior market, with broad rural coverage through AT&T and a range of easy-to-use phones. The company's lowest-cost monthly plan is strictly for the user who wants the comfort and accessibility a cell phone provides, but doesn't necessarily plan to make many calls. FreedomPop sells a bunch of older Sprint phones, of which the best is probably the $329 Samsung Galaxy S4, and the best value is the $99.99 LG Optimus F3.
There are two companies that donate part of your cell phone bill to charitable causes: Giv and Credo. You can use any T-Mobile compatible phone (including the iPhone), and Giv has some interesting lower-cost options.
Minute plans are available in $10, $20, $25, $30, and $100 packages, which include 5-cent voice minutes and text messages, as well as 10 cents per MB for data. Sprint-based Kajeet bills itself as "the smart phone for kids." Every service plan comes with Kajeet's suite of online parental controls. Kajeet is also the only carrier we know of that filters the Internet, letting you whitelist or blacklist specific Web sites on your kid's phone. Kajeet's phones are also somewhat pricey, but you can bring any out-of-contract Sprint feature phone or Android phone, whether it's 3G, WiMAX, or LTE.

These brands, which operate on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks, have an insanely complex array of plans.
Straight Talk's $45 plan offers unlimited talk and text with 5GB of LTE data if you bring your own GSM phone. Another TracFone brand, Page Plus Cellular offers something that many other prepaid carriers don't: Verizon's network.
Standard plans start at $10 for 100 minutes and last for 120 days, with steps up from there.
For equal amounts of talking and texting, there is a $12 monthly plan that includes 250 minutes and 250 text messages. Scratch's Achilles heel, though, is that it only works with one smartphone, the $99 Motorola Photon Q.
Like most young people, Anna wants health insurance, but she doesn’t feel she can afford the plans currently available to her. The states of California and New York recently unveiled final ACA plan pricing data: California quietly opened a Shop and Compare section of their health insurance website while NYS released an Excel-based model to calculate insurance prices in each of its 62 counties. Many young adults will pay less for health insurance than they pay for their cell phone bill or for a major concert ticket. NerdWallet Health’s Obamacare Plan Finder web app helps young adults find the most affordable insurance plans in just one click. Please help us keep our site clean and safe by following our posting guidelines, and avoid disclosing personal or sensitive information such as bank account or phone numbers. Instead, T-Mobile promises transparency and simplicity with the "best price" being the "only price." Those pricing plans include 10 to 19 phones lines for $16 per line per month, 20-plus lines for $15 per line per month and 1000-plus lines for $10 per line per month. All of the major carriers offer prepaid plans, but so do some of the little guys, and you can find some serious bargains if you know where to look. Now that T-Mobile has taken the mantle of "Uncarrier" and gone 100 percent no-contract, more people are realizing that they don't have to commit to two-year contracts to get the phones and service they want. These carriers buy and remix minutes and megabytes from the major service providers into plans of their own.

For plans that allow you to bring your own, check out our list of The Best Unlocked Phones.
We recommend the Doro PhoneEasy 618 simple flip phone for $50, the Motorola Moto G for $100, and the Huawei Ascend Mate2 for $225. This allows parents to monitor who children can talk and text with, the times when the phone may be used, how much money may be spent, and what features may be accessed. The carriers each sell phones, but you get bonus data for bringing your own, so I'd say pick up an unlocked device and go for it.
These minutes will also roll over, provided you replenish your account with a new plan every 120 days. Republic was the leader in merging Wi-Fi calling with cellular to dramatically drop rates, and even though it uses Sprint's network when out of the house and has very limited phone selection, its customers love it. They often say they are willing to spend up to $150 each month, and with Bronze and Silver Plan rates available well under this price, we predict many young people will opt-in to Obamacare,” says Christina LaMontagne, Vice President of Health at NerdWallet.
LaMontagne says, “We expect many young adults will purchase insurance once they understand the monthly subsidized prices can be $100 a month for a Silver Plan or less than $50 a month for a Bronze Plan.
They might have more flexible plans than the majors, offer lower prices, or even give your money to charity. It's very similar to its close competitor Black Wireless, but H2O's plans tend to be a little bit better, and KDDI is a solid firm. A $19.99 monthly plan includes unlimited text and picture messaging, as well as 150 voice minutes. Just be aware that Republic uses special firmware, so its phones can't be transferred to other carriers.
All plans also include unlimited free Wi-Fi calling from anywhere in the world, which is useful for international travelers.

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