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10 Jul. 2012

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User accounts allow you to create and maintain lists of words that can be used to create word search puzzles. Brain parts and brain power words like cortex, frontal lobe, creativity, imagination, and lots more!  Find the brainy words, then find the answer to the double trivia questions. Below the surface of the May issue lurk 15 puzzles, all of which combine into a giant metapuzzle, created for Wired by Lone Shark Games: Mark L. The bogus advertisement, on the left column of page 129, purports to debut the magazine Wired Puzzles (sorry, it doesn’t exist). Final steps: After finding these 15 answers, you need to return to the Wired Puzzles ad on page 129. Indexed lists: Running on the bottom of pages 38-39 is a list of British hedgerow mazes, numbered 1 to 7.

Phone keypads: In the Rants submission info on page 14 is the fake phone number (67)24-552-8464.
Your clues can be as long as CrossFire is an innovative new tool for creating professional quality crossword puzzles. The numbers 85, 78, 69, 65, 82, 84 and 72 are the ASCII characters for the capital letters in the answer unearth. These color combinations make numbers in 25-pair wire code, an electrician’s numbering system. It has been designed from the ground up to provide all the power you The complete crossword puzzle system, create crossword puzzles from scratch. Runs on all Step 1: First, choose the size of your crossword puzzle grid by typing the number of squares across, and number of squares down.

Crossword Compiler (for Windows) by Antony Lewis Crossword Compiler is considered by most constructors to be one of the best puzzle-making software How to create your own custom printable crossword puzzles. These pages explain how to make crossword and criss-cross type puzzles in MS Word, OpenOffice, Ichitaro, or other wordprocessing program.

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