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06 Apr. 2014

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Enter information about your gallery: gallery name, address, phone numbers, phones, web address. Next, they'll need to enter an email address and password that they'll use to log in to your store.
On the next page, they'll be asked to enter their personal information - name, address, phone number, etc.
Visitors can choose to use their shipping address as their billing address or enter a separate address for billing purposes here as well.

Here, customers can review the status of their orders, view package tracking information (if available), edit their shipping or billing addresses, print invoices, change the quantities of products on order, or cancel orders (provided the order has not been locked or shipped). In this section, customers can manage their account settings such as email address, password, add or configure new billing and shipping addresses, and opt out of automated mail campaigns.
For affiliate accounts, clicking Visit My Affiliate Page will redirect the affiliate to a page containing their affiliate stats, which include the number of sales and commission values they or sub-affiliates should receive.
To view an account's settings within the Customers table or Administrators table, click on the ID number of the account.

For example, if a visitor to the store enters their email address to sign up for a newsletter, but does not make any purchase, a customer account will be created with only the email address and ID number.

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