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13 Sep. 2012

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Potentially a number of issues with current addresses, name spelling, street designations and zip codes could seemingly derail our mail delivery. This can be further aggravated by some internet yellow page (IYP) sites that may re-purpose content from assorted found sites or buy data from internet aggregators to build their online listings. Business names must also be closely scrutinized for consistency throughout all internet listings. Customer accounts can be created in a couple of different ways - from your storefront by visitors or from the Admin Area by an administrator.
On the next page, they'll be asked to enter their personal information - name, address, phone number, etc.
For affiliate accounts, clicking Visit My Affiliate Page will redirect the affiliate to a page containing their affiliate stats, which include the number of sales and commission values they or sub-affiliates should receive. To view an account's settings within the Customers table or Administrators table, click on the ID number of the account.

For example, if a visitor to the store enters their email address to sign up for a newsletter, but does not make any purchase, a customer account will be created with only the email address and ID number. Enter information about your gallery: gallery name, address, phone numbers, phones, web address. Establish Your Seamless NAP – You need to establish a consistent NAP (Name Address & Phone Number) across the Internet, on your website, as well as on the major Data Providers (InfoUSA, Super Pages, Yelp, City Search, and others). Other key things you should do is build out your Places page with photos, videos, your logo, special offers and coupons, promotions and maybe even a personal message from you, the owner, explaining your mission statement in down to Earth language. Association Links – Be sure that you have a link to your site from any industry associations that you belong to (industry association, Chamber of Commerce, Networking Groups, etc). For this reason, it is crucial to your SEO success that your business Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) information be correct, and consistently designated. In such a scenario, a given business, say Acme Cleaners, moves from their original location on Main Street to a bigger building on Queen Street.

From this central point, you can manage customer information, see an overview of customers, grant affiliate or administrator status, and more. Visitors will also have the option to opt in or opt out of receiving email newsletters from your store.
Among these elements are meta tags, unique title tags, images named with keywords, URL that is keyword optimized, strategic anchor text, and submitting XML sitemap to Google and Bing.

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