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29 Aug. 2014

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Scam Warning: Never send money to the seller over the internet or through wire transfers, for your safety, please make sure to see the product yourself before giving the seller any money. We supply a range of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze mobile phone numbers to suit ANY budget. Man City and Chelsea are now so famous that there are now even mobile numbers that spell their names! Now type CHELSEA on the keypad (depending on your specific phone it will display 0778chelsea or 0zzxchelsea but it will dial the correct number).

Your phone will display the number that you have just dialled as 0778chelsea (it might display something different while it is dialling). Your phone will display the number that you have just dialled as 0778chelsea in your log after you have phoned .
If the word that you are looking for has 9 digits there will only be 1 mobile number in the UK. Once you have discovered the meaning of your mobile number and you think that anyone will be interested in buying it, advertise your number in your local paper or for free on this website.

Your mobile number could spell the name of your business, business concept, first name or the name of your favourite sports team such as 0770 Builder, 0785 Caitlin or 07 Tottenham. The only difference is that you press the number only once for the letter that you want to dial, even if it is the F S or X.

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