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18 Jul. 2014

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BEIJING — Six members of a religious cult have been arrested over the beating death of a woman at a McDonald’s restaurant in eastern China, police said Saturday. The accused, including four members of the same family, allegedly attacked the woman in the city of Zhaoyuan after she refused to tell them her phone number. Another paper, the Beijing Morning News, said 17 members of the group had been arrested in Beijing in December 2012 for harassing people in a public park with claims that the world was coming to an end. Accelerating down the fast-food superhighway, McDonald’s is about to begin making home and office deliveries from 40 of its Manhattan restaurants, with orders taken over the phone at a single computerized clearinghouse. The new plan, executives say, reflects consumers’ increased expectations in service, even coddling.

Chipotle and McDonald's are endlessly pitted against each other, representing the biggest players in the worlds of fast casual and fast food. Delivery, refranchising and a new organizational structure – here are the hard facts on how McDonald's wants to fix a broken system. The ride-hailing tech company that has been growing at astronomical rates around the world is promising 10-minute food delivery in New York City and Chicago.
A clerk who answered the phone at Zhaoyuan police headquarters said no one was available to comment on the case. McDonald's won out for the single speediest delivery, with emoji wizard Rachel delivering my McChicken and fries a mere 18 minutes after I ordered.

The fast-food chain also had the slowest order, with a mix of seven McDonald's classics and newer menu offerings taking 39 minutes to arrive. McDonald's is too inexpensive for most customers to consider delivery to be worthwhile, as a $5 fee can easily double the cost of a meal.

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