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15 Feb. 2013

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Well, since the advent of the Internet, it is now easy to find out where a particular phone number is from and who that person calling is. Right now, there are at least five online reverse phone directories where any phone number can be typed in to begin doing a search on the number, and person calling. With everyone having cell phones these days, anyone can now do a reverse cell phone number online. The last one was a mobile iPhone number for ATT with unlisted number turned on, and amazingly, NumberGuru returned the name and carrier of the individual, along with the location. The app has a feature that can look through your iPhone contacts and find out the information about the phone numbers you have, if you allow it to do so. App Review By Joe Seifi Posted on May 27th, 2011 and filed under App Store, Free, Phone, Reference, Search (Viewed 5780 times, 1 so far today). So instead of charging money for what once was a great app you all decide it’s a much better idea to keep your app free and make it completely useless. Although- I do use it on my computer to see spam number as that is really the only useful aspect of this now.
Every time you get a phone call and you don’t know whose number it is, RingRing will automatically look it up for you in the web. RingRing will remember your current GPS location by request and assign it to your conversation so that you can actually prove, that you have been at a certain place during a particular phone call.

What I had to do (third time no less in about 45 days) was to delete Number Guru from my iPhone and then do TWO hard resets. Sadly, this was a great app until the software developer started forcing iPhone users to watch a video before they would allow you access to their app in order to look up an unidentified caller and in the process leave a worthwhile comment about the specific Spammer who is trying to rob unsuspecting people of their identity and steal & clone their credit cards.
Once you find an online reverse phone number company, click on that website and type in the phone number showing on your caller ID. Just right now, I did a reverse phone lookup on a company that I contract work with and their city showed up along with the name of the company. That is great because sometimes, not always, unknown cell phone numbers which I did not add to my cell phone, are showing up on my LCD screen.
All you have to do is type in that unknown number into a reverse phone directory and right before your eyes, is the person who called you. NumberGuru has released an iPhone app which lets you perform reverse phone number searches for any number in the US for free. First was a listed business phone number, and it returned the name of the company and its location. Our team loves apps and is dedicated to writing iPhone app reviews to help you find the best new & free iPhone apps in the App Store. While there are many services for doing a reverse phone number lookup on the iPhone, until now you would have to pay to search and get details on unlisted numbers.

The second was an unlisted home phone number from Verizon which to my surprise, also returned the name of the individual along with the location and carrier. For the latest App Store buzz check out the Trending iPhone apps updated daily with free games worth downloading. Normally services like this will charge you either a monthly fee or a one time fee to reveal the identity of phone numbers that are either unlisted or undisclosed.
You can even type in your own comments on a phone number and mark it as a Spammer for others to see. There are actually companies on the Internet who, when you type in an unknown phone number, allow you to see where the number is from and who called you. Now with the free NumberGuru app you can type in any phone number and identify the Name, Service Provider and City of the customer in the NumberGuru database.
I also recommend looking up your own phone numbers to find out what information is available about you to the public now, thanks to this iPhone app.

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