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13 Aug. 2012

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Beware looking up phone numbers on Google – you could end up with a massive bill for something that should have cost pennies. The way to avoid falling foul of this is to find the number on a service that doesn't charge.
Call tracking can tell you which marketing and advertising campaigns are making people pick up the phone and call.
Online call tracking can go deeper, connecting with Google Analytics, marketing automation systems, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and other paid ad campaigns. To figure out how you can use call tracking, make a list of all the places your phone number is currently displayed. The simplest way to do call tracking is by looking at the dashboard where you manage your phone numbers. It’s 10x more likely that a phone call will lead to a sale than any other form of communication, so it’s helpful to know where these phone calls begin, and which ones lead to sales. For example, when someone visits your website and reads the marketing material, then calls the number on the website, they may be more likely to complete a sale than those who called after seeing a billboard ad.
You can also measure the amount of calls made by a particular salesperson, as well as their average call length from those calls, and the amount of conversions that came via phone calls. If you’re looking for a more robust and integrated solution, then you can use call tracking with sales tools such as Salesforce and SugarCRM.

What's more, they are unlikely to be included in your free minutes package if you have a mobile phone contract. If you're looking up the number online, go to the company's homepage and their “contact us” section, not a directory service. In another column, make a list of places where your phone number could be displayed in the future (this can include things like different pages of your website, business cards, or paid ads). By putting different phone numbers in different places, you’ll be able to understand which campaigns are working. If you’re a Grasshopper customer, you can get additional phone numbers for $5.00 each per month.
If you start a brand new campaign, such as a radio campaign, then you can get a phone number specifically for that purpose. If you need something more robust, you can set up more advanced call tracking using Events in Google Analytics or with PPC ads. GROW, our most popular plan, comes with two numbers (either local or toll free) that can be forwarded to your regular business phone. Once you’ve purchased some numbers and set up call tracking with Google Analytics or other software, you can easily increase conversions and sales. Determining the quality of a phone call can lead to great insights that allow you to improve your conversion rates.

Software like LogMyCalls can help you do this automatically, but you can do it on your own in Excel, or simply by looking for general trends. If you can't find the number (or they only provide expensive options) Resolver has a list of contact numbers for a lot of companies and services that doesn't cost more than a national-rate landline whenever a company provides this option. If you buy too many numbers and put them everywhere, it will be difficult to extract meaningful data. If you are getting a lot of calls from a certain city (or region), then it is worth a PPC test to target that region and use a local number in that area.
Call tracking with print is limited in scope-- you can get separate numbers for each material, then track those calls. Multiple phone numbers confuse search engines-- they can’t figure out if you’re a legitimate business or not. You can use these numbers for Google Analytics, print, or PPC efforts, or use our interface to do basic call tracking. We recommend using one phone number for your online presence on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook, and one phone number for your website.

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