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31 Jul. 2015

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Home > User Experience Management > How to identify IE Add-Ons such as Skype that impact Web Site Performance About the AuthorAndreas Grabner has been helping companies improve their application performance for 15+ years. The result page of Yellow Pages was not too big and it only contained a handful of identified telephone numbers.
If you cannot show written consent, use our Identify Phone Number APIs to weed out cell phone numbers. If the number has been ported, the API returns the latest ported date, the new (current) carrier and line type.

But still – even on this smaller page it took a noticeable amount of time from the point where the page seemed to be loaded till the phone numbers showed up.
However, this API only reports the original carrier and does not include a local number portability check. After some back and forth we identified that it was the Skype Add-On for Internet Explorer caused the performance hit on those pages that had a very large DOM with many table rows and many nested divs. That explains why those Add-Ons don’t have the same web site performance impact on every page as it depends on the number of DOM elements.

It's similar to some cell phone plans; you select a plan and if you exceed the plan you're charged for the overage at the published tier rates. SearchBug also offers an Advanced API that does consider number portability, please see below.

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