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27 Nov. 2014

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The following is a table of phone numbers that you may find useful during your time as a temporary worker here at the University of Miami. Custom Toll Free recently announced its API, which lets you find available numbers by keyword.
Developers can join the Custom Toll Free affiliate program, which allows you to earn income when your users reserve numbers. Today while trying to set up a Flickr account using a new Yahoo email address, they wanted my cell phone number to authenticate my account.

And vanity toll free numbers, which use words to be memorable, are something even small businesses can now afford. The system automatically determines the most valuable numbers and bubbles those to the top of the results. The affiliate program also appears to be the only way to access the API, though you can check out our Toll Free Search API profile and their documentation to make sure the service has what you need. I would have no problem giving them my business phone number, but I don’t care to give Yahoo my cell phone number to verify my email account.

Lastly, your code can reserve the number directly, allowing your customers to call dibs on the great vanity number your application helped them find. So now, I will need to find a work-around possibly purchasing a disposable phone just so I can verify a new Yahoo email address for business use.

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