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31 Aug. 2013

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In OpenERP, the user clicks on the dial button next to a phone number field in the form view. The second main feature is : it adds the ability to show the name of the correspondant on incoming and outgoing phone calls if the phone number is present in the Partners, Leads or Employees of OpenERP. This script will make an XML-RPC request to the OpenERP server to try to find the name of the person corresponding to the phone number of the remote party.
If it finds the name, it updates the information on the call, so as to be presented on the SIP phone of the user. OpenERP receives the XML-RPC requests with the logins of the OpenERP users that should be notified and the the phone number of the calling party.
Alert-Info SIP header : you will find more explanations about it in the sections Quiet click2dial and Auto-answer on click2dial with Aastra IP phones below. Asterisk server : select the Asterisk server on which the IP phone of the user is registered.
This is the same format that you must use in your mobile phone’s directory when you want to be able to call a number saved in your phone’s directory when you travel abroad.
OpenERP reformats the phone number using the different prefixes defined for this Asterisk server. Asterisk dials the phone number that has been reformated and, immediately after dialing, connects the user’s phone to the call (the user hears the call waiting tones, just like if he had dialed the number himself). Hopefully, there is a solution to his : when Asterisk “calls” the user (before calling the remote party), he should tell the phone not to ring. If you want your Aastra IP phones (other IP phones also support this feature) to answer automatically on a click2dial, here is how to proceed. Now, when you do a click2dial, your Aastra IP Phone will auto-answer the call and use the speaker by default. The get_cid_name.py script will make an XML-RPC request (or XML-RPC over SSL) on the OpenERP server to try to find the name of the person corresponding to the phone number presented by the calling party.

If it finds the name in OpenERP, the name is used as CallerID name for the call, so that users can see the name on the screen of their IP phone.
Make sure that you have a recent version of the asterisk_click2dial module with the function getnamefromphonenumber in the file asterisk_click2dial.py. If the test of the script is successfull, you can move on to the last step : modify the Asterisk dialplan to call the script upon the reception of an external phone call. If you haven’t written the Asterisk dialplan yourself, which is the case of users which use FreePBX or Xivo or any other administration interface for Asterisk, you need to figure out how to insert the extension with the AGI script in the dialplan functions which manage the reception of external calls. Before or after picking up the phone, go to the menu Sales > Address Book and you double-click on Open calling partner. OpenERP sends a Status request to the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) to get the list of all the current phone calls.
OpenERP searches the presented phone number in the Phone and Mobile fields of the Partner addresses of OpenERP (for this, it uses the same code as the Get the name of the calling party on incoming phone calls feature).
For international express mail (EMS) to France sent to housing complexes where door codes (codes to automatically unlock doors) are required for access into the building where the addressee lives, write the door code and phone number in the addressee section of the EMS label. If the door code is unknown and the addressee cannot be contacted by phone, the delivery person will not be able to enter the housing complex, and will not be able to leave a non-delivery notice in the post box inside the entrance of the building. This software is often used to run IP PBX systems inside companies, combined with an IP phone for each employee and SIP trunks on xDSL or fiber links or traditionnal ISDN lines to access the public telephone network.
First, it adds a dial button next to the phone number fields in OpenERP form views so that your users can directly dial a phone number through Asterisk. Before or after taking the call, you click on the button Open calling partner in OpenERP : OpenERP sends a query to the Asterisk Manager Interface to get a list of the current phone calls (ringing or on conversation).
If the phone number is available in OpenERP, OpenERP opens the related form view via a Websocket.
If he doesn't answer his phone, the process stops here, the next steps are not executed.

When one of your colleagues makes a phone call, the workroom stays quiet until the conversation starts.
In fact, when I say “tell the phone not to ring”, I mean “tell the phone to use a silent ring tone”. If it doesn't find any match in OpenERP, it can geolocalize the phone number and display the country and city name as CallerID (if you active a specific option). This is the script that is called from the Asterisk dialplan and that calls the script get_cid_name.py with the appropriate options. It will get the first call that involves your phone number and it retrieves the presented phone number.
Now, if the colleague uses the click2dial feature of OpenERP, his phone will ring and bother everyone before the conversation even starts !
Of course, this extension must be placed before the Dial() function which rings the IP phone of the user. In provincial cities, there are cases when delivery may take place even without a door code; but for cities like Paris, a door code and telephone number are absolutely essential. In the SIP protocol, you can use the Alert-Info header to tell the phone to choose a particular ring tone.
All the fields have a detailed contextual help, so you should be able to understand how to set each parameter by reading the help.
It is important to set such a timeout because the script will be called by Asterisk upon each incoming phone call ; it the script get stucks, the phone call will also get stucks and you will miss the call !

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