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29 Jul. 2014

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Your potential boss, classmates, investors, and future mother-in-law have access to more information than you would willingly share. As Tom Peters first wrote in Fast Company magazine, your most important job is to become the head marketer for the brand called YOU. People will forget what you said and they will probably forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
Relevant content gets read, and there are many ways for people to recognize your thought leadership.
I’ve found that the types of blogs you write matter just as much as the topic itself, and the Blog Types that perform best are lists and how-tos. Whatever domain name you choose, your web address will help readers discover, remember, and share your story.
Customer Service — Eventually something will break, and you want to make sure you’re supported. Shop around, but there’s no reason not to use the same service for purchasing your domain and hosting your blog. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — You want new readers to discover your blog, and Google loves WordPress.
Installing WordPress on your Bluehost account is like downloading software to your desktop.
Your brand must connect in ways that extend beyond words, and your best bet is believability. Ask any professional pitch man what the key to selling is and you’ll learn that it’s belief in the product.
As you learn more about YOU, you feel better prepared to go to market with your skills, talents, and expertise, all of which make up your dramatic difference. Your story is the totality of life so far, broken down into chapters, each with a beginning, middle, and end, but it’s why you’re sharing that’s most important.
Besides being billion-dollar companies, they’ve likely gotten you to buy into their brand and you welcomed each into your home. Like Mike, if you identify yourself as a basketball player, then you’re placing your athleticism on the open market. You can create infographics, guides, videos, how-to posts, eBooks, lists, case studies, podcasts, interviews, cheat sheets, webinars, white papers, presentations, and pin boards.

No matter what you choose, your content needs a home base, and I believe your best bet for building your brand is blogging.
Think about the type of content you will create, and keep in mind videos and larger presentations will take up more bandwidth than traditional text and a picture. Even if you’re Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, it helps to have channels to ask questions about surface problems.
Thanks to the WordPress Media Library, you can import and manage videos, audio, graphics, and more.
WordPress offers responsive themes that automatically create a mobile-friendly version of your site. The code generated by WordPress works behind the scenes so that your site appears higher in search results.
If you purchased your domain from another domain registrar then you will need to transfer the domain to Bluehost. It’s the first step to controlling the conversation, which is always much easier on your home turf. It’s their interpretation of You—your personality, interests, passions, and performance on the job. Your brand is a beacon to a community, and the light that catches each eye is formed by four factors. You’ve taken advantage of their expertise because they serve a need, be it style, sustenance, or search. General managers, athletic directors, and coaches are all interested in understanding why you deserve a spot on the team.
At an exhibition game or a camp full of scouts, show that you work the hardest, have the most heart, or keep the team at the top of your mind. Your calendar should include regular blog posts, social media updates, product releases, and seasonal content. Only work with hosts that guarantee 99% uptime, and if you have your doubts then search for reviews.
Phone and email support come standard, but look out for active forums, discussion groups, and other customer-centric communities. Most domains will run you $7 to $14 a year, and hosting typically costs no more than $5 a month.

It’s your job to package your brand in a way that’s engaging to a potential employer, a future customer, or the young lady down the street.
Your role as a basketball player in front of Coach K is different than the seat you take as a student in American history.
Nothing happens in isolation, and how you position your talents is what will begin to set you apart.
No one, unless you share your highlights reel, connect with coaches, and make visits to campuses.
Create frequently enough and a community will start to grow around your opinions and your ideas. How-to posts not only offer detailed step-by-step instruction but also instantly establish your credibility. Making the decision to name your blog after you or under a pseudonym or title tied to your topic is a personal choice that takes time. If you’re interested in creating a simple one-page portfolio, online business card, or digital CV, then Wix is for YOU. You can choose from a directory of 2,000+ themes in addition to the ones you create yourself. As long as you’re clear and consistent in your message, your true meaning and best intentions will come to light. The Giving Tree instilled a sense of gratitude and generosity while If You Give a Mouse a Cookie warned against greed and too much generosity.
No matter what you decide, remember to keep it short and make it as catchy and memorable as possible.
With more than 25,000 plugins, you have access to limitless functionality and it’s all free.
Only you can decide the frequency of your posts, but consistency is key to building trust and engagement early on.

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