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22 Sep. 2013

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Secondly, they don’t even email you when they update the case, so I knew nothing about this reply from their customer service staff. It seems to me that the deadline for their response to a complaint was looming, so they put in a quick and useless response and then closed the case.
UPDATE: I received a reply to my latest enquiry (read complaint) and it confirmed the situation.
I had difficulties to get an ordrer registered by phone ( apparently new employee ) for ONE product.
Through the same procedure as yours I tried to get in touch with the Adobe UK supportportal but could not as I had forgotten login and password. In the meantime I got mails telling me that the case would be closed within … 4 days ! I suppose I will be paid back for the second item I did not receive; Adobe is a well known Cy. In that case I shall start an action through the Customer’s Association which I am member off. The worst thing, Dale, is that you’re obviously a loyal customer and probably an Adobe advocate. I read these comments and weep, I am waiting for a serial number for ADOBE cs4 Design Premium Student Edition. Most companies would be horrified comments like these and make an effort not only to rectify the situation but offer some form of compensation as well.
I contacted Adobe through Live chat and after some to and fro questioning they Had to delete my old account so I set a new account with the same email address.
I can update my phone number and address but not my country, which means the phone number and address aren’t valid. Once again the email simply told me that the case was closed (again) with no other information or indication that there was another note attached to the case.
That’s quite bizarre; they takes ages to assist a customer who wishes to rectify a problem, but if you want to pull the plug they jump straight to it! They are complaining as many of us, that most Internet companies work only through the Web. The crazy thing is, once I finally do get credited, I’m going to turn around and buy one of the Creative Suite packages.

And students are really people that Adobe should spend a lot of effort on, since over their careers in the digital media field they are likely to be big, repeat customers! I can change some details but not the country, because it’s just text not a form field. If this request has not been completed to your satisfaction, or should you need to contact us on the particular issue again, please reference this transaction number. Then there is the poor spelling and grammar, which really makes me think Adobe have outsourced their customer service to a third-world nation.
Once you receive a response from a customer service representative, you will have 5 days to respond before the case closes. I’m not asking for much (not asking them to fix a bug in a product) just to update the country attached to my Adobe ID account. I have wracked up thousands upon thousands of dollars on just about every major app they sell. I thought it would be a good time to upgrade much of what I have now to the latest versions. Three days…hmmmmmm I know that I am but a poverty stricken lowly student, the point is that no matter who I am having paid for the software, proved my identity and student status (four times now) I am entitled to a serial number in good time. I have no choice it is the industry standard software required for my course, I forfeited a weeks grocery money on top of what I saved to buy the program to complete my assignments at home, my partner is extremely unwell with multiple sclerosis so I need to fit my studies in between bouts of caring for him and a teenage daughter. If they get in early and treat students well, they’re setting themselves up with loyal customers, who when they are earning more will also be spending more.
But it looks like they’ve become lazy and are taking their traditional customer base for granted. I’ve not had a great deal to do with them besides use their products, and I have to admit I assumed they would have a respectable customer service ethic (similar to Apple whose reputation for product usability tends to imply they would do customer service equally well). After a case has been closed, if you still feel the matter has not been resolved, you may reopen the case. If they want to encourage customers to use Adobe ID for greater interaction with customers, particularly as the main channel for complaints, you think they would ensure it works faultlessly.
On the site it states a first response within 4 hours then after 1 day…my first response was written to a Brian not a Kim, secondly I want to speak to someone who can speak English well not some offshore phone person who speaks broken English in India, Dubai, Morocco, or China.
Since then I have moved back to Australia, and I think I’m well within the bounds of reason to expect to be able to update my details to reflect this change.

First I was a bit put out when I could not find any upgrade path from any of the software I own to the Master Collection.
I really think Adobe could learn a thing or two about support from Apple, who seem to bend over backward to help me whenever there is any kind of issue at all. This proved far too difficult (I asked them how I do this and never received a reply) so I gave up. I have two full shelves of Adobe products, but because up until now I purchased them almost all as individual licenses, nothing was good enough for an upgrade.
Not a big deal since I rarely use my Adobe ID and having the incorrect country and address didn’t bother me too much. I found one small discount for the Web Edition of the Creative Suite with my copy of Photoshop CS3.
But perhaps the fact that they’ve bought out nearly all their competition has made them too comfortable in their monopoly. After a great deal of work on the Adobe web site, which was very, very sluggish, I placed my order. The moment I saw the receipt page I realized I made a mistake and orderd the wrong upgrade. On my email receipt it stated if I needed to get in touch with Adobe about my order, contact Customer Service through their web portal. So within 5 minutes of placing the incorrect order I did what they asked and submitted the form.
So once more I get on the phone, talk to customer service, and twenty minutes later am told that yes they received the product back, and it could take up to 10 days to credit my card. 48 hours later on February 4th, I got an email from Adobe, saying I needed to call Customer Service, giving me the phone number.

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