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12 May. 2012

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If your name is easy to spell and say, it makes it that much easier for people to find your website, connect with you on social media, and gush about you to colleagues and friends.
A lot of people run into trouble when they incorporate their last names into their business names because they can be hard to spell.
Avoid numbers, letters, abbreviations, alternate spellings, and anything else that might trip people up.
Because so many URLs are taken, entrepreneurs are starting to pick out random made up words for their businesses.
Some argue that you should check and see if you can get the domain name before naming your business.

If the business grows, services may no longer be touched by the owner, creating a disconnect. These names make a business seem small, intimate, and person-to-person, suggesting it will not grow into a large corporation. If they feel fun and free when they're using your product or services, they'll be happy they chose you.
Be sure to look into any unexpected and compromising meanings and connotations when selecting your business name. For example, a marketing consultant named Alison Canty might name her business The Canty Agency.

This is practical and immediately aligns the business with you, but it is not always a good idea. The bad news is that many businesses have trademarked their names, making it impossible for you to use theirs.

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