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28 Oct. 2014

Hertz rent a car phone number usa,reverse number search google,reverse phone search,directory phone numbers - Test Out

Inside United States: Toll-Free 800 Numbers - Before you visit United States, visit TripAdvisor for the. Enterprise (Canada, US) 1-800-325-8007: Hertz Rent-A-Car (Canada) 1-800-263-0600 Hertz Car Rental Phone Number. Although toll-free numbers are not accessible internationally, many phone services actually call through the USA, and in this case the toll-free numbers become available. KANSAS CITY: So, I am Presidents Circle with Hertz and travel a lot, and I love Hertz, they have an amazing system in place to quickly and easily get a rental car anywhere at any hour in the fastest manner possible. Some difficulty trying to access the location due to road work outside the Hertz lot; it needs some signs to reach the correct entry.

Well, the years of construction are complete for the Hertz depot at Dulles, and guess what. They offered me a pickup truck or compact car and gave me attitude for wanting what I asked for. She tried unsuccessfully to convince me to get a bigger car (I already had an online reservation for a compact) and to have a bigger insurance (her coworker was making her faces behind my back to remind her to do so) even I had my personal insurance and also a second one I chose online along with the reservation.
The staff has the worst communication skills and gave us false information which lead us to paying almost $1000 for a rental car. The car was easy to find in the parking lot (big numbers on the wall behind every available car) but dusty and full of dried water spots on the glass.

I had to walk around (and photograph some dings and scratches) to consign the locations in the ticket. When I reached the booth, the attendant complained about the slow processing of their checkout computers.In addition, my Gold reserved car had no trunk or retractable screen, so my luggage and laptop were exposed to view. So I switched cars, and this one had empty windshield fluid at the point when of course I really needed it.

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