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11 Aug. 2015

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Just for the fun of it I logged on to Greyhound Express (Note: when I did a search for regular Greyhound, not Express, travel times were twice as long and expensive). Bolt had buses departing every 30 minutes and last-minute fares for as low as $17.50, but the mornings were all sold out, so I looked at Mega Bus.
Greyhound Express had buses leaving every 90 minutes and starting at $19 with a travel time of 4 hours and 18 minutes.

I kept seeing Bolt Bus, Mega Bus, and Greyhound drive by with big signs implying they are cheap, so I checked them out (there are other companies too). I was tempted to go with them, but since I wanted to try Bolt Bus out I gave them my credit card. One is that he chooses a seat in the first eight rows because they have electrical outlets, and two is that if you want to get an "A" boarding pass, all you need to do is register with Bolt Bus Rewards Program.

You can't take a taxi 5 miles for $20, yet you can take a much more comfortable bus 225 miles.

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