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02 Feb. 2015

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Now there’s nothing you can do about the data plan, but there are numerous options to cut down, or even eliminate your texting charges. If you have a Google account you have access to Google Voice, so the first thing you must do is set up your Google Voice account. Now that you have your Google Voice account set up and the mobile application on your phone it’s time to configure your Google Voice account to make the magic happen.
You are now ready to drop your texting plan with your carrier and text via your Google voice number. If you plan on implementing this system, I would highly suggest calling your carrier and having them “block” any text messages to your cellular phone number.
Everyone will not feel comfortable strictly texting via Google Voice and the mobile application, but if you feel you can commit to this system it will save you anywhere from $5 to $30 per month. Google Voice is a free service that lets you manage all your phones with one number, transcribes voicemails to text and gives free SMS.When you sign up for Google Voice, you get to choose a number from the million-or-so numbers Google has reserved. Back when it was nothing but a small, tiny speck of the internet, Google launched its over-the-air voice calling service called Grand Central. You start out the article saying that Google created Grand Central, but actually Grand Central was a separate company founded in 2005 by Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet. Both iOS and Android have free texting applications, but I’ve always found those to be mediocre performers at best. Google Voice is a service which uses a specific phone number issued by Google and you can specify what phones ring at what times when callers dial. Go to the bottom and click “even more”, you will then be directed to a Google products page. You will send and receive text messages through this interface as opposed to the default text message application on your phone. Click edit under your cellular phone number and you will then be able to configure how texts sent to your Google Voice number are handled. The key here is that you have to be disciplined enough to only give out your Google Voice number, otherwise people who have your regular cell number will continue to text that number and you will be charged texting fees. You don’t want people who already have your cell number texting it, thus creating additional expenses. The service was supposed to provide tools and features that you might otherwise have to pay for, like unlimited voicemail, unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited texting and voicemail transcription, but for absolutely free.

We had Grand Central before Google, and had quality problems with it, plus the deal-killer that they had no option to port your existing number over. With AT&T  recently changing their texting plans there are now fewer options to choose from.
This isn’t an article about Google Voice but if you would like more details check out this fantastic article by our very own Sean Aune. You can add more than one but if you want to set up free text messages one of them needs to be your mobile number. AT&T will now only offer 1000 text messages for $10 a month or unlimited for $20 per month, as opposed to the old plans of 200 texts for $5 per month, 1500 texts for $15 per month or the before mentioned unlimited. Everyone and their grandmother has the feature enabled on their mobile phones because of its easy set up, whether they're using a Smartphone or dumb phone, iPhone or Android phone. We've got 14 awesome tips and tricks to get Google Voice working like a boss, and more than just another free phone-over-the-internet service.
Read on for tips on how to do things like send free text messages, block calls, and set up different voice messages for different people.
Make and receive calls from within GmailIn recent weeks, Google has offered voice calling right from within Gmail. This feature allows you to call using your Google Voice Number without the need to pick up a phone.To get started, log in to your Gmail email and locate the Chat box in the left-hand sidebar. You may be prompted to download and install a small plug-in that will enable you to make a phone call. You wil also be able to dial a number or type in a name from your Google contact list to call. Send and receive free, unlimited text messages Text messaging has become extremely popular over the past few years, and for good reason. You should be presented with the dialer, but tapping on the small new message button will bring you to a page where you can type in a phone number, or choose a contact from your address book. Set up voicemail transcriptions When someone calls your Google Voice number, you can have the message automatically transcribed into text, then emailed to your mobile phone. To turn on this useful feature, visit the Google Voice settings by clicking Settings > Voice Settings from the menu in the upper right-hand corner.
You can also add a different email address, or have Google Voice text message your mobile phone when you get a new voicemail.

Now whenever someone calls your Google Voice number and leaves a message, you will get an email at the specified address, allowing you to instantly see what the person said.
Set up a blocked calls list  Sometimes, you may need to block people from calling your Google Voice number. Screen a call before answering Sometimes you may want to know who is calling from a particular number before answering.
Optionally, you could have Google Voice ask unknown callers to say their name when calling your number.
Integrate your Google number with other phone systems There are many instances where you may need to have a phone number, but don’t necessarily want to give our your mobile phone number. Enter Google Voice.Our own Roberto Baldwin uses Google Voice to control his apartment doorbell system.
When someone buzzes the doorbell, it will ring all the phones in his account, allowing him to answer and let someone into his apartment no matter where he’s at.
Set up one phone number to rule them all The number that Google Voice assigns you can be used for life.
It’s the only phone number you’ll ever need because when you get a new cell or home phone number, you can just register it in Google Voice and delete the old one.
However, there are times where you may require a new Google Voice phone number because you’ve moved and perhaps want a new local number. From the Google Voice main page, click your phone number in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (or navigate to Settings > Phones). Create call widgets for your site If you run an online business, or just want people to have a quick way to get in touch with you via a phone call, a call widget on your website can help. A new page will allow you to specify a name, pick a style, and choose whether or not to ring a phone or send the call to voicemail. The call presentation section lets you set whether or not you want to have Google Voice ask callers for their name when calling.When you click the Save button, you will be taken back to the Call Widgets settings page where you will be presented with the embed code for your website. When someone clicks this button on your site, they will be asked to enter their phone number and Google Voice will connect the two calls.As you can see, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to Google Voice.

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