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When deciding which cellular plan to go with, you should choose a plan that focuses on your primary need, with the rest turning out just to be extras that you use from time to time when needed. There are many unlimited cell phone plans on the market right now because they look so great and cheap to the consumer. Everyone may not agree on the best cell phone, whether it is a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android. The best way to select a new phone carrier is by comparing wireless service providers in your local area. If you still haven't found what you are looking for, here is an easy way to compare rates for new phones and new wireless plans in your local area. Contact us for low cost phone plans and get the great cell coverage that you need plus unlimited minutes and texting. Many of our smart phones are offered for FREE and we also provide big discounts and rebates for upgraded smartphones and iphones. Reliable wireless plans and service through providers like Sprint, Cricket, Consumer Cellular, MetroPCS and more. Due to the large number of companies in the United States, we have divided this article into two sections: The wireless carrier NO CONTRACT US and cellular companies CONTRACT WITH US.
To find the cheapest without contracts USA company, we evaluated both the price, coverage (for calls and Internet service) and the variety of cellular phones of various companies without a contract. Straight Talk Although not as well known, really impresses its cheap service and unlimited selection of their cell. If you want to have the latest phones and get a discount when you buy them, you might call attention to a wireless carrier contract.
The customer service from T-Mobile has improved a lot, so if you have a problem with your phone, they can help you solve it. If you have any questions about the company's cheapest mobile phones in the US You can leave a comment at the bottom. We are always looking for the best cell phone plans , but at the end, it differs according to our requires and needs!
Looking for cell phone plans comparison chart is something that concerns everybody who is looking for the best cell phone plans . We will help you finding the cheapest cell phone plans 2015 between the most known carriers all around the United States. Here are more than a dozen options you should check out, along with device recommendations. Consumer Cellular is focused on the senior market, with broad rural coverage through AT&T and a range of easy-to-use phones. The company's lowest-cost monthly plan is strictly for the user who wants the comfort and accessibility a cell phone provides, but doesn't necessarily plan to make many calls. FreedomPop sells a bunch of older Sprint phones, of which the best is probably the $329 Samsung Galaxy S4, and the best value is the $99.99 LG Optimus F3. There are two companies that donate part of your cell phone bill to charitable causes: Giv and Credo.
You can use any T-Mobile compatible phone (including the iPhone), and Giv has some interesting lower-cost options. Minute plans are available in $10, $20, $25, $30, and $100 packages, which include 5-cent voice minutes and text messages, as well as 10 cents per MB for data. Sprint-based Kajeet bills itself as "the smart phone for kids." Every service plan comes with Kajeet's suite of online parental controls. Kajeet is also the only carrier we know of that filters the Internet, letting you whitelist or blacklist specific Web sites on your kid's phone. Kajeet's phones are also somewhat pricey, but you can bring any out-of-contract Sprint feature phone or Android phone, whether it's 3G, WiMAX, or LTE.
These brands, which operate on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks, have an insanely complex array of plans. Straight Talk's $45 plan offers unlimited talk and text with 5GB of LTE data if you bring your own GSM phone.
Another TracFone brand, Page Plus Cellular offers something that many other prepaid carriers don't: Verizon's network. Standard plans start at $10 for 100 minutes and last for 120 days, with steps up from there. For equal amounts of talking and texting, there is a $12 monthly plan that includes 250 minutes and 250 text messages. Scratch's Achilles heel, though, is that it only works with one smartphone, the $99 Motorola Photon Q. The rates are good, but they don't quite measure up to Republic Wireless at the higher end.

One of my most popular posts ever was my post last year on the cheapest (and yet still awesome) cell phone plans available in the US - many thousands of people read it, and many commented to thank me on it or add additional info.
All of the below plans are prepaid plans (as prepaid cell plans are far cheaper than contract plans), but that means that you have to pay full price for your phone up-front (I recommend buying a used or refurbished phone, as they are perfectly functional at a substantial discount). My recommended plan: Their free plan - 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of 4G data for $0 per month.
The Phone: In the past year, FreedomPop's phone choices have gone from pretty bad to quite good. The Verdict: I think FreedomPop definitely offers the best value of any of the plans on this page (which is why I'm now with them). The Bad: The per-minute text and data rates are higher than some of the other options on this list, so I don't recommend this for a smart phone user. The Good: People say (I don't know from personal experience) that the service is good, and that the customer service is excellent. The Verdict: If I had a teenager, this plan with the Moto G is almost certainly what I'd get for them - it's hard to argue with unlimited everything for $25, if you are content with Sprint 3G data speeds. The Phone: They will sell you a 2nd gen Moto X for $399 (which is a decent price for an excellent phone). The Good: The same as the above, with the addition of 4G LTE data (up to 5GB per month, and slowed after that). The Verdict: An excellent option if you want an excellent phone and unlimited everything with 4G LTE service, without totally breaking your bank.
My recommended plan: There is only one plan, and it scales with your usage as detailed here.
The Phone: They have the largest variety of phones available for sale of any of the companies listed on this page, including recently-launched phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and others. The Bad: They don't have any unlimited service plan options, and their service is way more expensive than FreedomPop's free service. The Phone: Any unlocked GSM phone will work, though obviously, you'd want one compatible with T-Mobile's 4G LTE service. The Good: T-Mobile earns props for being the only company of the big 4 that earns a spot on my list at all, even if it is a bit of a niche plan. Good news for those of you who live in the middle of nowhere and simply HAVE to have 4G LTE data - this past year, Verizon finally opened up it's LTE network to a company other than Verizon, and that company is Page Plus Cellular. Also, the above obviously only applies to my American readers - but if you're from another country and have found a sweet cell phone deal, feel free to share that in the comments as well. For instance, if you usually send text messages all day, you would need to go for a plan that focuses on providing unlimited texts for a flat fee, and some limited minutes and also limited bundles.
The price is slightly higher than other plans, but the unlimited voice and text plan is hugely popular. It seems that more and more companies competing in the mobile market in the US, so that's why we help you decide how to have cheap cellular service in the United States.
Do not Pieras our article: Best cell phone companies in the USA and the best places to buy cell phones online.
With T-Mobile have the option to choose the phone you want (in most cases you must make a down payment) and refinance payments of $ 20 a month (usually two years).
Although T-Mobile has said there will be contracts for clients, we are including this company in this section because the cost of the phone is financed to two years. Also, if you have a company cheap cell different from those you can comment on your experience with it and if you recommend to others.
All of the major carriers offer prepaid plans, but so do some of the little guys, and you can find some serious bargains if you know where to look. Now that T-Mobile has taken the mantle of "Uncarrier" and gone 100 percent no-contract, more people are realizing that they don't have to commit to two-year contracts to get the phones and service they want. These carriers buy and remix minutes and megabytes from the major service providers into plans of their own. For plans that allow you to bring your own, check out our list of The Best Unlocked Phones. We recommend the Doro PhoneEasy 618 simple flip phone for $50, the Motorola Moto G for $100, and the Huawei Ascend Mate2 for $225. This allows parents to monitor who children can talk and text with, the times when the phone may be used, how much money may be spent, and what features may be accessed. The carriers each sell phones, but you get bonus data for bringing your own, so I'd say pick up an unlocked device and go for it. These minutes will also roll over, provided you replenish your account with a new plan every 120 days. Republic was the leader in merging Wi-Fi calling with cellular to dramatically drop rates, and even though it uses Sprint's network when out of the house and has very limited phone selection, its customers love it.

The carrier's system prefers making voice-over-IP calls through Sprint's data network, falling back to standard voice calling only when the data network isn't good enough.
As I don't want all that research and knowledge to go to waste, I figured I'd write an overview of what I found and detail the best cell phone deals available (as of April 2015) for a bunch of different consumer archetypes - the odds are that you fall into one of the below buckets, and the odds are that you can save A LOT of money compared to your current cell phone bill. However, even paying full price for a phone, you'll be saving a lot of money over the course of a two year contract with one of the big companies.
FreedomPop will happily sell you a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 or an iPhone 5, or you can bring your own (fully-paid off) Sprint-compatible phone, if it's on this list. When you're connected to WiFi, they route all your calls and data through WiFi, which is much cheaper for them. You can also bring almost any Sprint phone, and I'd recommend buying a Google Nexus 5 or 6 from Google and taking it to Ting to use.
They also offer the absolute newest phones, if you're not content with FreedomPop's slightly dated phones. If you simply HATE Sprint irrationally (or if Sprint's coverage in your area is particularly bad), this plan is a cheap way to get lots of data.
With Page Plus, you can get access to Verizon's LTE network for a good deal less than what Verizon charges.
The service for T-Mobile is one of the best in America, so I always have a good signal no matter where you go.
They might have more flexible plans than the majors, offer lower prices, or even give your money to charity. It's very similar to its close competitor Black Wireless, but H2O's plans tend to be a little bit better, and KDDI is a solid firm. A $19.99 monthly plan includes unlimited text and picture messaging, as well as 150 voice minutes. Just be aware that Republic uses special firmware, so its phones can't be transferred to other carriers. If you're bringing a phone that requires a SIM card, you'll need a Sprint CDMA SIM card, which is easiest to order from Ting, strangely enough. These kinds of dumb phones can be bought used for $20 or less, or you may even have some of these lying around in a drawer somewhere.
For example, my parents in rural Tennessee couldn't sign up for this plan directly - I had to have the SIM cards shipped to me in DC and had to sign them up with a DC phone number, though the service works fine for them in Tennessee. Republic does offer some roaming (you can check their coverage map), so it may even be a good option for those of you in more rural areas. They consider WiFi to be your primary cell phone connection, and the actual cell service as a backup for when you're not near WiFi. There's no Verizon 4G with BYO Wireless, but there's no cheaper way to get coverage on Verizon's network, if that's a priority for you. If you have a smart phone than this is one of the best ways to fully utilize all of your communication and calling features withouth overpaying. This addition of unlimited text is cheaper than any individual unlimited voice and text plan. They have a great selection of cell phones to choose, but these can only be used with Metro PCS because the Metro service is CDMA (does not use SIM cards). When they added my beloved Google Nexus 5 to their BYOD list, I jumped ship immediately from RingPlus to FreedomPop, to take my monthly cell phone bill down to $0.
If you set your phone up to do VOIP calls and texts over Google Hangouts instead of over FreedomPop's network (which is what I do), then you can have unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for free, as long as you don't go over your monthly free data allotment. It will be a shame if Page Plus disappears, because it offers a much wider array of plans than either Straight Talk or TracFone. Spend a majority of their time on WiFi - the call quality is much better on WiFi than on a cell signal.2. All plans also include unlimited free Wi-Fi calling from anywhere in the world, which is useful for international travelers.
You also have to pay attention that FreedomPop doesn't add on extra (non-free) services, and you have to disable auto top-up in order to be sure to never be charged anything for your phone service. Live in an area with very good Sprint LTE coverage (preferably with Sprint Spark, and get a Sprint Spark phone, like the Google Nexus 5 or the LG G2).3. LycaMobile uses T-Mobile's network (and it includes 4G access where available), so coverage is pretty good, especially in cities.

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