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07 Nov. 2013

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In order to understand these issues better, we asked a series of questions both in representative national phone surveys and in focus groups that gauged teens’ sense of privacy relating to sharing personal information. Just 7% of online teens say they post their full name, a photo of themselves, their school name, and the city or town where they live to their online profile. Culturally, some of the attitude differences between boys and girls may be explained by the messages transmitted to girls about their own safety and the need to protect themselves through different rules and expectations set in homes for girls and boys.
In an offline environment, for almost every piece of information we presented that is not related to internet-based contact, boys are much more likely than girls to say that it is okay to share personal information (like your last name, city and state where you live, cell phone number, school name, etc). For almost every piece of information except home phone number, older teens are much more likely than younger teens to say it is okay to share it offline with someone you just met. Boys are more likely than girls to report posting fake information to their online profiles. Girls are less likely than boys to say that they are easy to find online from their profiles. As noted previously by the Project, a large number of teens with online profiles in some way obscure or restrict access to their online information. We are pleased to report that Alexandra’s October 1, 2004 FIDE Rating is 2508, which keeps her Number 1 Girl in the world and Number 4 Woman in the world. For the first time, we present to you the beautiful fashion photos taken by Zhenia Minkovich in Paris last year, see them by clicking here. We have more than 3600 photos in Alexandra’s photo albums, and we’d like to know which photos you like best!
We have new high quality chess photos of Alexandra, in a new album signed by well-known Swiss photographer Pierre-William Henry. Alexandra took some time off today before her chess lesson to walk on the beach, pose for a few photos next to a giant chess queen, and visit an animal parc where she found a superb iguana.
Girls are more likely than boys to say that they have posted photos both of themselves and of their friends onto their online profile. When teens, particularly girls, talked about protection of their privacy online, their main concern was the protection of their physical self – if a piece of information could easily lead to them being contacted in person, girls would not share it readily. Older teens ages 15-17 with online profiles are more likely than younger teens to post photos of themselves or friends to their profile as well as share their school name online.
Teens with online profiles have a greater tendency to say it is okay to share where they go to school, their IM screen name, email address, last name and cell phone number with someone they met at a party, when compared with the percentage who actually post that information online. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of boys with online profiles say that they’ve got at least a little false information posted to that profile, while just half (50%) of girls say the same. Only 19% of teen girls with profiles say that they are easy to find, while 28% of boys say the same.
Digital photos, often one of the anchoring elements of online profiles and blogs, are widely posted online by teens in many different contexts.

Older girls are even more protective of their images, with 49% of photo-posting girls restricting access most of the time vs. And in a striking departure from the trends observed with photo posting, online teen boys are almost twice as likely as online teen girls to post video files (19% vs.
She also participated in a book signing event and in the annual Chess Hall of Fame Induction Dinner, where former world champion Anatoly Karpov (on the photo with Alexandra) was inducted. Alexandra is now Number 1 Girl in the world (up from Number 4) and Number 4 Woman in the world (up from number 15). Although Alexandra won all her 38 games, each child received free gifts (caps, pens, autographed photos), and the best players received the chess computer “Alexandra the Great” and 6 beautiful Balmain watches!
You can participate by sending your move either by SMS on your GSM mobile phone or on the Internet. In the December 2003 USCF Rating list, Alexandra got 2573 points, and is the highest rated woman in the USA! Of course, material shared in a profile is just one of a larger number of places where information is shared online – but it provides a snapshot into the choices that teens make to share in a relatively public and persistent online environment.
When asked in focus groups whether they had any concerns about publicly posted photos, most teens said they were not worried about risks to their privacy. Boys are more likely to say they have posted the city or town where they live, their last name and their cell phone number when compared with girls. Older girls are more likely than any other group to share photos of friends, while younger girls are more likely than younger boys to have shared information about their blog on their profile.
Information that is regarded as more private when sharing in person includes a link to your blog, your cell phone number and most private of all – your home phone number. The differences are less distinct for the moderately difficult to find and very difficult to find – the differences between boys and girls for these categories are within the margin of error. This can mean password protecting an account, blog or other online sharing space, or it can mean making a profile or blog posting private so that only those on a friends list or in an online network can see what you’ve posted beyond a few basic pieces of information. With the proliferation of digital cameras and cell phone cameras, in particular, many teens have the means to document the most mundane and profound moments of their lives. Likewise, teens that are online frequently are more engaged with photo posting; while 59% of those who go online daily post photos, just 35% of teens who go online several times per week have uploaded photos.
The format is a double-game knock-out, with the number of players going from 64-32-16-8-4-2-winner after 6 rounds. They felt that, for the most part, there was not enough information in the photos posted, even when combined with the information contained in the profile, to compromise their privacy or safety. They can then share these photos with family, friends or the world at large by posting them online to their profiles or to popular photo sharing sites like Flickr. Not even the highly-wired and active segment of older girls can compete with boys in this instance; 21% of older boys post video, while just 10% of older girls do so.

Make sure to have a look at Pufichek’s photo albums of most teams (previous news item)!
We have many photos for you, as well as all of Alexandra’s games (view in an applet or download pgn). Come and see Alexandra in Chicago on December 12 at 9AM, where she will be giving a simul to the kids during the K-12 Scholastics and will be handing free gifts (Swiss watches, CD’s, caps, pens, autographed photos). James Fabunmi, Denis Maragoudakis, Albert Rich (California), Dave Bayless (Colorado), Photios Barvas (Switzerland), Fadi Qassis (Palestine), Corno Claver (South Africa), Daniel (Australia), Aeron Ives, Bill Schulte (Illinois), Kaz Ozawa (Japan), Aldo Haik (France), Michael (New Zealand), and Yuri Braverman.
A mere 2% of teens have posted their ultra-personal cell phone number to their online profile. Older girls are more seasoned posters, with 67% of them uploading photos, compared with 48% of older boys.
We will have more news almost every day, and hundreds of photos for you, we will update our photo album with new photos all the time!
And look at our superb photos of the opening ceremony, of the first round, and have a look at a super player GALLERY! It goes without saying that we took many photos of the event and you can watch them by clicking here.
There will be 3 moves per week, each move for the world will be the most frequently proposed one for that move, and the participants (identified with a unique mobile phone number) who sent the selected move are given one point. In comparison, 73% of teens who use social networking post photos compared with just 16% of non-SNS teens. Younger girls and boys are equally as likely to upload photos; 39% of younger girls ages 12-14 upload photos while 33% of younger boys do so. We will soon put up on the site all of Alexandra’s games as well as some photos of the event.
Thanks to all of you fans who sent messages of encouragement, Alexandra is very grateful to you!By the way, you can download for free the photo of all the players of the Women’s World Championship in any resolution by visiting our photo download page. If you would like to donate (any amount is helpful, and any amount above $30 gives you free Membership to the site with full access to all its Member Area photos, commented games, and web videos), click here! If you see yourself or your kid, just send us an email, and we will mail to you that photo for free to you!

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