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23 Jan. 2014

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You can search for just about any cellphone number on the Internet using a variety of services. Step 1Open a Web browser and navigate to the Verizon Reverse Lookup Web page (see Resources). Both our 300 and 500 World Plans include calls to wireless phones, except in countries marked with an *. Many foreign telecommunications companies impose substantial fees on Verizon Long Distance to complete international calls for services they designate as premium.
Calling to certain destinations may be temporarily blocked without prior notice if Verizon deems it necessary to prevent unlawful or fraudulent use of its services.
The Company shall generally identify on the bill the name of the country called based on the standards set forth by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). If you have questions, please contact your local Verizon business office at the phone number on your monthly bill. Automatically forward your calls when your line is busy or you can’t answer the phone. Never miss a call—just press a few keys to automatically dial the most recent incoming number.

Our easy-to-use directory service allows reverse lookup and searches by business name or category. Set up your phone to automatically reject anyone who's blocked their caller ID information-like telemarketers. With call logs, you get a snapshot of your recent incoming, outgoing and missed calls-with names and numbers (if available).
Step 4Direct text messages to your Verizon account by either selecting "Web" or "My Handset and Web." Click "Apply" to save changes. A new page will open up with all of the information related to that number, including the owner's information and the cellphone carrier.
World Plan monthly rates include residential direct dialed minutes to wireline and wireless phones registered in more than 100 countries and other locations. Other call types, calls in excess of Verizon World Plan minutes, or calls to certain destinations even within the Verizon World Plan minutes, may still be charged premium fees. However, political disputes about country boundaries and naming, as well as agreements the Company has with its foreign carrier partners, may result in variations in the identification of country name. Available on your phone (Caller-ID-capable), your PC—and soon on your TV and smartphone.

From Internet to multiple forms of messaging, a Verizon customer can stay in contact with colleagues, friends and family. If you are unable to search for a number using a free site, you can submit it to a website that charge a moderate fee for the service. The good news: no matter what type of Verizon service you choose, you can count on us to consistently deliver speed, quality and network reliability. Calling to certain destinations may be temporarily blocked as Verizon deems necessary to prevent fraudulent or unlawful usage.
As a Verizon Wireless customer, you can check text messages and voice mails even when you don't have access to your cell phone.
Telephone numbers from a well-known mobile provider like Verizon Wireless are generally easier to search for than lesser-known brands.

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