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16 Aug. 2015

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Commonly, you will get a phone number only when you are paying for a phone or VoIP service.
If you are getting this free VoIP phone number from Google Voice, you will get many features. When you are planning to get free VoIP phone number, you are recommended to get it from Phonebooth Free. Calls to the number are charged at 5p a min on landlines and whatever your mobile company charge for 0844 numbers.
Whilst Timmy was being built in one corner of the office, Chris and I worked on a different idea involving calling a phone number to read out our important contacts. This is a really basic service allowing you to define contacts and allow you to hear them when calling a number. When you call the 0844 704 1542 number, enter your phone number and PIN you can get Linda to read out your numbers!

You might find some services which give you a free phone number in a package with other interesting features. By using location-independent numbers, it allows people to establish unified presence worldwide.
It is similar to Google Voice since it gives a free phone number which you use to have multiple phones ring at the same time on incoming call. Until recent day, only people who are living in the USA area are allowed to have Google Voice number. This service provides free VoIP phone number which you can have multiple phones to call at the same time on an incoming call. The company also offers the service to have your old phone number ported to the Google Voice service. User is able to use +881 number as virtual number and can be contacted through his or her phone and other communication device anywhere in the world without worrying over the area codes and rated associated therewith.

You can use that code (+883) as a virtual number, and then you will be contacted through your phone or any communication devices wherever you are. Even though it is considered as one of providers which offer worst call quality, but they have the decided advantage of being free.
Free Calls to the US and CanadaFree Calls to the US and Canada with Google Hangout and VoIPYo You can make calls to USA and Canada with a free phone number from your Gmail account.

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