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01 Nov. 2014

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In fact, everyone should do at least one online background check on--you guessed it--themselves.
If you know name of the person you're looking for, the first places you should check are the usual venues--good old search engines and social networks.
Alternatively, you can use Openbook.org to search across Facebook's public pages (including status updates) for any search string you want and find search results listed with names, profile links, and pictures--perfect for your background check. Okay, so you've Googled your target and discovered all of their sordid beer-bong photos on Facebook, but what you really want is to be able to contact them. If you're looking for other types of public records--such as marriage records, birth records, or death records--SearchSystems offers access to free public records sites. Since the recent smartphones have become a prime target for theft around the world, do not underestimate the significance of IMEI numbers. If your mobile phone is stolen or lost, and you report it to your mobile service provider, they will block the device to access their network and can even block access to other networks and the use of other regions. In case you need to get info about your phone using IMEI # you can check it using free network checker and get information like the mobile operator to which your phone is locked, warranty status, SIMLock status, contact number (CTN), etc. For example, the current iPhone 5 has a TAC with numbers 01-332700, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 uses 35-853704. So, as you see, IMEI number of mobile devices is important and unique ID that you need to know and backup right now.

If your phone is stolen, this identifier does not help you to get it back, but you will get some comfort knowing that the mobile operator will restrict the possibility to use any Sim card. Plenty of reasons for doing an online background check exist, and not all of them are sketchy. It offers a free way to look up people's phone numbers (you can narrow it down by state), along with premium services for reverse phone number and social security number lookups. Some of these sites are free, while others are pay services, but little icons by each listing will let you know which is which.
Each new phone (including iPhone) must have a unique number IMEI, which remains at the device throughout its lifetime.
The police maintain a record of all stolen phones and uses the IMEI numbers to identify the devices. The section of code marked as the letter C is a unique serial number and the number is affixed only by the manufacturer. If your phone is stolen, the settings are reset and SIM-card is replaced, the IMEI number will not change without outside interference.
In some regions, changing these numbers is illegal and this usually requires a very good reason. Thieves use numbers that are not in the black list, and install them on the stolen device to use it again.

In this article, we will explain why our mobile devices must have IMEI and list of the basic techniques that will allow you to find and record your unique number.
The main objective of IMEI goes beyond simple identification, this number can be used to block the device access to the network provider. If your phone is stolen and you want to block it with the IMEI, be sure to ask your service provider to expand the lock to other networks as well. Twitter can still give you a wealth of information, though it's more likely to give you an insight into their personality, interests, and style, rather than information you can use to find their address or phone number.
WhitePages also offers a premium, reverse phone number lookup, and will show you the location of the phone. If you ever bear mobile phone in for repair, there is a chance that the service center will ask your IMEI on the warranty card for identification purposes. Of course, this is simply the location of the phone's origin, and is based on the phone's area code--when I look up my phone number, for example, it says my phone is likely located in Conway, South Carolina.

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